Violent Occupy Movement Theme Song

Get a taste of the Occupy Wallstreet Movement, which differs in tone from the public face of the protests of the sixties and seventies. Of course they did have their Weather Underground, and other violent cells, but that did not dominate the fluffy green, pot-smoking, anti-war feeling of those gatherings.
The protests shared a certain lack of sanitation, and lack of focus on how to address the actual problems. Perhaps the milder pot, which was available ~40 years ago, made those protesters too mellow and lazy for the violence we see in today’s Occupy participants.
It’s interesting to see in this song the suggestion that a bloodbath of violence will somehow bring about a utopian world of mutual respect and equality. (It evokes Ahmadinejad’s idea that this is required to bring back the 12th Imam.)
The full lyrics by Joseph Arthur are below, with the blood and guts towards the end. If it is objectionable to repost the song lyrics, we can leave out everything except the violent part per ‘fair use’. Pharmer thought it would be more equitable to the author to post the whole thing.

“We Stand As One” -Joseph Arthur

We occupy wall street
Take back our soul
Take back our country
Take back control
Take back our health care
Take back our mind
Take back our freedom
Give up the grind
We occupy wall street
No more fear
No more acceptance
Of insanity’s sneer
No more division
No more restraint
Our canvas is freedom
Your blood is our paint

we stand as one

You who have robbed us
You who have lied
You who were greedy
While the needy ones died
You who believed
You were better than them
Who sat in the flower
Ignoring the stem
You who denied them
Doctors and care
Humanity’s basics
As if death were their share
You who denied
The struggles of most
Like a pig you consumed
And like a pig you will roast

we stand as one

We occupy wall street
The system has failed
As the innocent ones
Are beat down and jailed
The criminal minds
have stolen this land
By taking our freedom
And binding our hand
To the cuff of misfortune
To the cuff of our need
To the cuff of self pity
To the cuff of a seed
Lost in the desert
No chance to survive
No love to nurture
No water to thrive

we stand as one

A season of murder
The body and soul
Dreams being shattered
The damnation control
Give back our country
We come to defend
Our right to inspire
To love and befriend
Our right to be healthy
Our right to believe
In a country of equals
Of a chance to receive
A chance to develop
A chance to forgive
A chance to dignify
The way that we live

we stand as one

A chance education
A chance to secure
A place for our families
Our right to a cure
The disease is insane
The disease is just greed
The disease is your pain
Ignoring their need
The disease is your reason
Your will is unchecked
But the blood is all over
The lives you have wrecked
But blessed are the meek
For we stand as one
We stand against
The crimes you have done

we stand as one

We stand against
Your desire for more
Hear how we knock
Soon there won’t be a door
And what you won’t share
Will be ripped from your hands
Your body destroyed
The way fire lands
Burning your homes
The privilege you snake
The payback beyond
Anything you could take
Naked you’ll be
And full of regret
And the way they were treated
You’ll long to forget

we stand as one

You’ll wish you could go back
and undo whats been done
You’ll wish you were never
Insanity’s son
You’ll wish you were fair
You’ll wish for compassion
But it will be late
And long out of fashion
Strung up you’ll bleed
Like the pig you became
A symbol of hatred
And one with no name
And our country will come back
Belonging to us
Regain it’s spirit
Regain our trust

we stand as one

Regain it’s standing
Regain the world
The dream of our fathers
A new and bold world
Where people have chance
And can live with respect
And people can dance
Beyond their neglect
Where health is a right
And education within
The grasp of the poor
Who may still one day win
We occupy wall street
So that we may begin
To live in a country
Of freedom again.

we stand as one

Turnabout! Occupy Protesters Tire of FREELOADERS

Occupy Wall Street kitchen slowdown targets squatters –

Getting a taste of their own medicine might convert some of these Occupy Wall Street protesters to the right side.  It seems that they’re tired of spreading the wealth to those less fortunate, and creating a system of equality with their fellow human beings.

The cooks at the event have expressed grievances over freeloaders coming to feed from their supply.   They didn’t pay for the food, but theyhave been working hard to prepare it for the protestors.  “Homeless” people from the area have been coming to the protests for free meals, and the chefs are feeling put upon.

The cooks might get that tea party feeling…… of seeing  their work product and resources going to the freeloaders, and forever being vilified for not wanting to give it all away.

The New York Post also reports that a no-snitch rule, and deteriorating security has caused frightened female protesters to leave the park.

Media Trashes Catholic Church by Aligning It With “Occupy” Protestors

The media has been spinning a statement from some in the Vatican, asking for reform of banking functions to imply that it has agreement with the Occupy protestors. As always, the statements are misinterpreted for use in bolstering the opinions of leftists that they should have a free ride at others’ expense.
The Council for Justice and Peace at the Vatican sometimes produces some fluffy ideas, based on idealism. The thought that wild speculation by financiers, which adversely affects the access to real products around the world, should be regulated sufficiently to prohibit stealing, is not a bad idea. The thought that banks should be controlled from a single central entity associated with (the very corrupt) UN is so much bubbly stuff, not based on reality.
A statement on banking coming from that part of the Vatican in no way functions as an endorsement of the Occupy protesters as the Drudge and news headlines have implied. Nor does it function as official Church teaching. Lastly, the actual statement bears little resemblance to what the lefties in the media are making of it.
One can see that some in the media have an axe to burn. Note the placement of the misleading headline about the Vatican placed underneath an article about Occupy Dallas protesters boinking a 14 year old runaway girl, who is said to have claimed the age of 19.

Take a look… One of the Drudge editors made this glaring public relations error placing these headlines close to each other:
Report: 14 year old teen sexually assaulted at Occupy Dallas…” and “Vatican backs Protests” Since this will soon disappear, Pharmer took a pic of Drudge showing at 10 am EDT today. A full size pic showing this segment with the Drudge Report header is stored away.

One more chunk of Occupy garbage: It seems that the group has amassed a half million dollars in contributions, which it is not distributing among protesting groups. No, the Occupy Movement is not spreading the wealth. It’s HOARDING IT IN AMALGAMATED BANK!!!! 🙂

Law Enforcement Shows Fear of Occupy Mobs

» Tea Party Group Harassed by GA Capitol Police While Occupy Wall Streeters Given Pass to Break Laws – Big Government.

It’s become obvious to Pro-lifers and Tea Partiers.  Our demonstrations and rallies are heavily regulated, and suffer considerable harassment from law enforcement groups.   But these same groups have allowed the Occupy  demonstrators to routinely break local ordinances without reprisal.

Why is this?  The local police and politicians are afraid of the lefties and their supporters.  They display a similar fear of terrorists.

Occupy Wall Street: Shocking photo shows protester defecating on POLICE CAR | Mail Online

Occupy Wall Street: Shocking photos show protester defecating on POLICE CAR | Mail Online.   <  — sick pics.

The Tea Party is Bigger by orders of magnitude, and much cleaner.

The global revolution lefties  have drummed up many tiny crowds around the country, and are most notable for leaving large heaps of trash at their demonstration sites, as well as inappropriate fecal deposits.

They are also becoming known for their unsanitary practices and general nastiness.  There has been much disruption of normal activities,  to a disproportionate degree relative to crowd size, and hundreds of arrests.

Would you want these lefties living in your neighborhoods?