Turnabout! Occupy Protesters Tire of FREELOADERS

Occupy Wall Street kitchen slowdown targets squatters – NYPOST.com.

Getting a taste of their own medicine might convert some of these Occupy Wall Street protesters to the right side.  It seems that they’re tired of spreading the wealth to those less fortunate, and creating a system of equality with their fellow human beings.

The cooks at the event have expressed grievances over freeloaders coming to feed from their supply.   They didn’t pay for the food, but theyhave been working hard to prepare it for the protestors.  “Homeless” people from the area have been coming to the protests for free meals, and the chefs are feeling put upon.

The cooks might get that tea party feeling…… of seeing  their work product and resources going to the freeloaders, and forever being vilified for not wanting to give it all away.

The New York Post also reports that a no-snitch rule, and deteriorating security has caused frightened female protesters to leave the park.