Media Trashes Catholic Church by Aligning It With “Occupy” Protestors

The media has been spinning a statement from some in the Vatican, asking for reform of banking functions to imply that it has agreement with the Occupy protestors. As always, the statements are misinterpreted for use in bolstering the opinions of leftists that they should have a free ride at others’ expense.
The Council for Justice and Peace at the Vatican sometimes produces some fluffy ideas, based on idealism. The thought that wild speculation by financiers, which adversely affects the access to real products around the world, should be regulated sufficiently to prohibit stealing, is not a bad idea. The thought that banks should be controlled from a single central entity associated with (the very corrupt) UN is so much bubbly stuff, not based on reality.
A statement on banking coming from that part of the Vatican in no way functions as an endorsement of the Occupy protesters as the Drudge and news headlines have implied. Nor does it function as official Church teaching. Lastly, the actual statement bears little resemblance to what the lefties in the media are making of it.
One can see that some in the media have an axe to burn. Note the placement of the misleading headline about the Vatican placed underneath an article about Occupy Dallas protesters boinking a 14 year old runaway girl, who is said to have claimed the age of 19.

Take a look… One of the Drudge editors made this glaring public relations error placing these headlines close to each other:
Report: 14 year old teen sexually assaulted at Occupy Dallas…” and “Vatican backs Protests” Since this will soon disappear, Pharmer took a pic of Drudge showing at 10 am EDT today. A full size pic showing this segment with the Drudge Report header is stored away.

One more chunk of Occupy garbage: It seems that the group has amassed a half million dollars in contributions, which it is not distributing among protesting groups. No, the Occupy Movement is not spreading the wealth. It’s HOARDING IT IN AMALGAMATED BANK!!!! 🙂