Teaching Catholic Beliefs is Considered Hate Speech in Illinois – Same as Canada

FOXNews.com – University of Illinois Instructor Fired Over Catholic Beliefs.

Professor Ken Howell was fired from the University of Illinois at Urbana for teaching Catholic beliefs in his class on Catholicism.  Specifically he explained the Catholic teaching on homosexual sex, in an email,  based on the religious interpretation of natural law.  This caused him to lose his teaching position, and also to lose his job  as head of the Newman Center at the University.

The Newman Center job is said to be funded by the Diocese,  so explanations concerning that dismissal will be interesting. The current claim, attributed to Chancellor Patricia Gibson,  is that  the Diocese fired Howell because he can no longer teach at the university.

The Alliance Defense fund,  a Christian legal group which has also  given aid to conscientiously objecting health care professionals,  is considering assistance to Dr. Howell.

At first blush, we see a general group of Christians  offering to defend  a Catholic professor who has been abandoned by his own Diocese.

This is a religious and academic  freedom case worth watching.