The Atheists will Force the IRS’s Hand Against Other Churches

FFRF Sues the IRS Over Churches’ Alleged Political Endorsements |

Atheism is an act of faith.  Its default belief,  without evidence, is  that the universes are self generating and self maintaining – in the absence of the Creator which they deny.

The IRS has been running away from dealing with free speech challenges by over a thousand pastors, on Pulpit Freedom Sunday, probably because they know they’ll lose.

It’s difficult for the IRS  to tell churches that they can’t keep non-profit status if they convey political preferences, with Cecile Richards of the NON- non-profit, Planned Unparenthood, so vigorously supporting and campaigning for the Abortionist in Chief, Obama.

Atheists are getting frustrated at the slow process of compelling complete fealty to the state.  Their Freedom From Religion Foundation, FFRC, is suing to compel the IRS to move against the churches and compel enforcement of the Johnson tax regulation from the 1950s, limiting the free speech of non-profits.

Forcing the hand of the IRS might bring about the early defeat and nullification of these IRS regulations.  It’s what the Pulpit Freedom Sunday Pastors have been hoping for: a chance to win back 1st amendment rights, and beat the tax-man once and for all.


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  1. Would like to see the Court attacked the devil's lair of Klan Parenthood….NOT likely, Guv'nor!

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