The Pill Kills

Hashtag #thepillkills is being pushed on Twitter today.

Sandra's "nutritional supplement"
Sandra’s “nutritional supplement”


WHAT!?  The pill kills?   Well…….. yes it does, for example, by causing strokes and other cardiovascular complications.  Also the pill sometimes can operate to stop the life of an early human embryo if it fails to stop fertilization.  In addition the hormones cause significant physiological alterations in the users themselves.  This blog is searchable for a fair amount of information on hormonal birth control, if you want to learn more.

One major important point……….. hormonal birth control has been a scam, being much less reliable in actual use than has been implied or stated by those who market the drugs.  With the increasing average size and weight of the target population, this problem is only going to become worse.

Consider the possibility of ditching the artificial hormones, and adopting a lifestyle adapted to the full  recognition that one can become pregnant by having sex.    What a novel idea!