The Pill turns 50 this Month and a Salon Writer Notices Some Downsides

Why I hate the pill – Drugs –

Jill Stanek caught this one today…….. the downside of the pill has been noticed over at

Pharmer  has been dispensing   the anticoagulant meds to plenty of young patients  on the pill,  over the years,  and sees more future lawsuits in the making as the reticence about reproductive issues disappears entirely.

Perhaps this loss of reticence will lead to demands by women that regard for their safety in medical matters  become more on par with that of men.

Highlighted in the Salon article is the loss of libido suffered by many women who take the hormonal contraceptives.    For these women, taking the pill isn’t  liberating, because they’re  not obtaining the primary, expected benefit  from delivering the goods to the guys,  no strings attached.

So many  women are all about self sacrifice, even when they don’t realize  it.