Vante Inc. Was Probably Waiting for A Reason To Fire Adam Smith

Anti-Chick-fil-A Tough Guy Fired for Bullying Drive Thru Girl | Video |

Adam Smith, former CFO/Treasurer of Vante Inc in Tuscon Arizona was likely one of those  employees  who caused his employer to look for an excuse to fire him.   This man was actually fired for public behavior which he exhibited outside of the workplace, on his own time.

If a guy is so clueless as to make a video of himself berating a Chick-Fil-A drivethrough employee about the personal beliefs of her company’s CEO,  one could expect his behavior at his own job to be atrocious.   When Smith planted the video  below on Youtube,  his company grabbed the opportunity to lose an employee  who was probably everyone’s least favorite.

Watch Adam Smith in action, and observe the drive through employee resolutely sticking to her polite customer service script.

Update: Adam Smith is suffering from the after effects of his viral video. He states that his company did not allow him to explain his actions before terminating him, and that he’s been getting hate mail and death threats since he published his activism at the Chick-fil-A drive through.

Smith credited  this inspirational video utilizing a verse from Proverbs 25:21 as a mechanism for draining resources from the fast food franchise for mobilizing him to action.  It appears that Adam Smith had found a woman’s skirt that turned out not to be large enough to hide behind. If you’re not tired of leftist abuse of the Old Testament, you can listen to  Jackson Pearce, who does not understand the reasons for the social recognition of marriage: to protect children.

Meanwhile, it’s important to remember that gays can get married any time they want to. It’s their private decision,  and there are plenty of clergy which will officiate. However it  becomes the business of the public when homosexuals desire to obtain the social support system relegated to protect children which naturally are produced from heterosexual unions.

Mike Opelka at the Blaze is following this story as it unfolds.   The very impulsive Adam Smith is living with a bit of hate email, (something which occurs routinely to right wing activists),  and is said  to have developed some concern for the drive through employee whose life has also been affected  by his viral video.

Update 2: Adam Smith guns for a new job as a political activist in this newer video in which he grovels out an apology to the drive through order taker at Chick-fil-A, and issues some explanations for the behaviors which were inconsistent with his stated motives. He also apologizes for denying homosexuality in the first video, and states that if he were a closeted gay, he’d be proud. His wife and kids must be sooo impressed.
Do you think Mr. Smith is too much a drama queen to be the treasurer of a serious corporation? Ya, Vante Inc. probably did the right thing for self preservation. He should take his confused self to the major “news” networks.

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  1. Adam Smith was fired over this exchange, got to be kidding. However, that girl was so poised and composed. She is one to be proud of.

  2. Kudos for the Chik-Fil-A employee. She handled herself much better than I would have. In regards to the coward, he got what he deserves. Hope he is still unemployed when the Chik-Fil-A employee graduates from college.

    1. Absolutely. What a champion of steady nerves and model managerial equanimity! Now, what kind of executive was this Bozo at Vante?

  3. You are pathetic as a human. Please go away and post no more videos. Your opinion has no value as you have no value. Hope we never see you again. Gigantic LOSER

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