What #40dollars Means to Americans · whitehouse · Storify

What #40dollars Means to Americans · whitehouse · Storify.

You can use this venue, or tweet to #40dollars to tell what 40 extra dollars a month allows you to do.
This is a scam to glorify a two month extension on the payroll tax relief in December last year.

Rush Limbaugh highlighted the ignorance of the fraudulent O-Bots who were tweeting how they could use the 40 bucks. One of them tweeted about paying his internet bill for his own little business, so it could keep going. Rush pointed out that this tax relief is for employees only, not for the self employed.

Pharmer has some fun in mind……
Why not tweet what you think the left-guys are doing with this money? (buying Plan B One-step from Shippensburg U vending machine for their underage dates.)

What are the Occupooper demonstrators doing with their pay roll tax relief? Oops, they don’t work, so this doesn’t apply.

What they’re doing in Obama’s old neighborhood? #40dollars helps pay monthly dues at Man’s Country in Chicago.

Campus Progress tweet: #40dollars helped pay for metronidazole 2 gram, and azithromycin 1 gram. Next!!

Tweet your fun stuff with hashtag #40dollars.

Do you want to have more fun with the Obama Truth Propaganda network? Go to Obama’s whitehouse website and tell them more about that 40 dollars pulled from the social security funding mechanism, and how it could be spent NOW.