Celestial Discharge: Republican Party Has Announced its Own Demise

The Republican Party  has performed an autopsy on its own dead carcass, and has issued a 100 page report.

This report addresses the reasons for their federal losses in 2012.  The name “autopsy” for their report is completely apt, because the Republican party has assumed room temperature. 

The Republican brand is irreparably damaged by the media, which has kept the elites of that party so  paralyzed with fear, that it morphed into a faint shadow of the Democrat party.   The name “republican” will not occupy a respectful compartment in the memory of any American.  This is a sad thing.  The media could not have destroyed the name so completely, without the help of the republican establishment.

The Tea Party needs to  get busy, because we’re what remains of the conservatives of the United States.   It should not repeat the mistakes of abandoning members for saying a single wrong word, or allowing the media to compartmentalize them, define them or interrupt their message of conservatism and optimism for America.  The Tea Party needs to speak over the media, bypass them, and address all Americans.

Let us recycle the Republican carcass as fertilizer, be the TEA Party, and  work to restore the United States.

Gun Owner Story Could Crimp Christie’s Political Career

A gun owner located in New Jersey announced that the Second Amendment Fight has come to his front door.  Posting at the Delaware Open Carry forum, Shawn Moore told his compatriots that an online  pic of his son holding an AR-15 had brought the cops and the New Jersey Department of Youth and Family Services to his door.

It turns out that the cops  never saw the actual Facebook  pic, but had come to his house to get into his gun safe without a warrant, based on hearsay alone.

The Blaze is carrying this story also, with the pic the gun toting kid, and the cops from the Carney’s Point Police Department, who visited wearing their tactical gear.

By the way, that boy has more credentials for toting an ar-15 than most adults.  He has passed the state firearms safety test, and his father is a certified NRA Firearms instructor.

The police and the DYFS representatives have been very reluctant to give commentary or their identities in relation to this case.  Acting Police Chief Robert De Gregorio is not talking to The Blaze reporters.  Likewise, the DYFS officials are refusing to be interviewed, or give their names, though they apparently still want to see the contents of Mr. Moore’s gun safe.  It appears that they understand that they might on shaky legal ground even in the socialist state of New Jersey.  The DYFS investigator would not even give her name or credentials to Shawn Moore when she was at his home.  A person who can’t remember her name should be under supervised care.  This could also apply to Lynette, at the DYFS office, who perhaps could not recall the spelling of her surname.

If the harassment of this legal gun owner, and his family continues, it should be useful in stopping the republican political support of Governor Chris Christie, who is no kind of gun rights sympathizer.

Pope Francisco: Correction for the New York Times

coming from Mary Anastasia O’Grady of the Wall Street Journal.  The New York Times implies some complicity between Pope Francisco and the military dictatorship  in the  “Dirty War” of Argentina, largely by leaving out vital information.

It is similar garbage to that of the lefties tying Pope Pius XII to the NAZIs, after he helped 800,000 or more people get away from Hitler.   The New York Times contains too much misinformation to be regarded as a serious news source.

So just trot over to the WSJ  and learn that the Pope is getting smeared by the lefties at home, as he is by the lefties in the United States.  Apparently they’re  displeased by his social conservatism.  The commie pinko marxists  aren’t happy with him in Argentina, because he’s not toeing their line either.

The lefties are micturating lava.  That’s a big PLUS sign for Pope Francisco.

Hacker Leaks Benghazi Emails

The hacker, Guccifer, who broke into email accounts of various people associated with government, has begun to share the goodies with the rest of the world.  We have news of the sharing but will have to wait for such media as Pravda,  Moscow Times, or St. Petersburg Times to let us know what is actually in the emails from Sidney Blumenthal to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Clinton is at this time is making waves by coming out of the closet on gay marriage, perhaps to distract us from the fact that her compatriot’s  email account is not very secure.

It’s worth a look at the Smoking Gun to see just how a Guccifer decided to handle the digital booty obtained from illegal email snooping.   What did former Clinton aide and Hillary’s confidante, Sidney Blumenthal have to say about the Benghazi consulate attack?  Enquiring minds want to know.

Obama’s Economic Success – Foodstamps!

January 2009  – 31,939,110 food stamp recipients.

October 2012   – 47,525,329 food stamp recipients

2009 food stamp expenditures 55.6 billion

2012 food stamp expenditures  80.4 billion

SNAP, the food stamp program, does not account for all of the 106 billion spent on food assistance in 2012.

Next time a leftie tells you that the economy is improving, ask him to account for these numbers, which show an average daily increase of 11,233 food stamp recipients during Obama’s first four years.


Mom Escapes Forced Abortion in China

Pressure from groups inside China, and from the U.S.  stopped the execution of  Cao Ruyi’s baby by abortion.

China Cao Ruyi baby escapes forced abortion

Shown above are Cao Ruyi, with her husband Li Fu, and baby boy, whom she named Li Dahai, acknowledging the help from overseas.  Women’s Rights in China, and China Aid brought in some extra pressure from outside  from U.S. Congressman Chris Smith, which helped to persuade the local government not to forcibly abort the baby.

Check out the details, and a video explaining the chain of events  HERE

Trouble still remains for the family, as there are fines pending, and a refusal by the government to register the child, so that he can eventually go to school and participate in other basic activities as a citizen.

Check the next link to get  some perspective on the crazy family planning program of China and the destruction it has wrought in the last 40 plus years.    They’ve aborted the equivalent of the United States in that time. 

Pro-life Grandmother assaulted at Delaware Planned Parenthood



prolife protestor attacked at Delaware planned parenthood

Rae Stabosz reports having her phone taken from her, and being pushed to the ground by an angry woman, while she was protesting in front of Planned Parenthood’s  Wilmington Delaware Clinic, (625 Shipley St.)

She had been filming  the fourth emergency transport of a patient from that facility within the last five weeks, tallied by Operation Rescue.  It seems that the clinic has been having a run of bad luck, though they serve as a training site for budding new abortionists.

Ms. Stabosz, a 63 year old grandmother of 12, reports that she was able to get back up, after being knocked down, go into the clinic and retrieve her phone from the receptionist.

Video of the event and more info is available here. 

Sneak Attack Tax on Savings to Bail out Cyprus Banks

Alert denizens of the Eurozone might take action after learning what’s in store for ordinary savers in Cyprus, after this weekend.  A tax, ranging from 6.5% to 9.9% will be levied on all deposits.   The money is intended to bail out the banks, as well as the government.

Cyprus, up until this time attracted a good deal of international banking business.   Things might change after depositors from elsewhere discover that they will be ‘receiving’  significant NEGATIVE interest on their savings.

The prospect of negative interest, and the example of Cyprus might increase the popularity of stuffing money into mattresses, throughout Europe.

UPDATE 3/19:    Amid the threat of a bank run, (which caused banks to be closed until Thursday),  legislators in Cyprus rejected the plan to tax bank savings up to 10 percent.   This leaves the nation to search for a more palatable way out of their financial woes.