Putin Bans Foriegn Same Sex Couples from Adopting Russian Children

A new edict from Vladimir Putin comes on the heels of France’s approval of same sex marriage.  He’s banning foriegn same sex couples from adopting Russian babies.  This is actually self consistent with the internal rules banning gay marriage, and banning unmarried people from adopting within Russia.

It follows the ban on Russian adoptions by any U.S. citizens.

None of the above should come as a surprise from a country which has been battling under-production of new citizens for many years.   The population of native Russians is shrinking.   The government has been trying various incentives to inspire Russian citizens to make more babies.

A Gay Adult Has Poked REALITY Through the Noise

The debate on homosexual marriage has been largly been reduced to a gluey morass of useless emotions.  For this reason it is refreshing when  a useful and cogent view on the topic pushes through the noise and garbage.

Yours truly has long recognized that social recognition of marriage is not for the couple getting married.  Instead, society has recognized marriage as a vehicle for stabilizing and promoting the process of bringing up children.   Marriage as an institution is much closer to a “childrens rights” issue.   There really is really no right for any individual to be married, nor is there a right to be a parent.  The rights of an individual stop where they impinge upon the rights of another.   Marriage is a whole lot of impingement and, as such, it is a privilege, not a right.

Please attend to the writings of one Mr. Doug Mainwaring, a Tea Party leader, who opposes gay marriage with similar arguments.   As a conscientious adult, (an increasingly rare type of individual) Mr. Mainwaring is putting the rights of others ahead of what might be his own social comfort.   He is likely paying a higher immediate social price for his opposition to same sex marriage because he himself is gay.  The left tends to insist that all gays think a certain way, and it can be as bad for the conservatives among them as it is for Black right wingers.

Mr. Mainwaring  points out that politicians are selling this issue, disguised as a push for equality, for votes, and  says that the same sex marriage concept is undefining marriage instead of redefining it.   He points out that in the quest for self gratification, adults are reducing children to “chattel like sources of self fulfillment“.   He eloquently  conveys the fact that the state’s  interest in marriage is all about the children, and nothing more.  Check out his article HERE.

Find more thoughts HERE. 

Chairman of Buzzfeed will Halt Donations to Dems Who Fail to Support Gun Control

Kenneth Lerer, the chairman of Buzzfeed.com, is a major financial supporter of Democrat politicians.  He has threatened to cut off funding to those who fail to support Obama’s program of expanded background checks for gun purchasers.  David Bohnett, a tech entrepreneur and Democrat money source is also threatening to cut off the funds for the same reason.  Grace Tsau-Wu, a Chicago money bundler has reached the same conclusion.

The Democrat politicians have to decide between their ability to get votes from their own  rank and file voters, vs the  ability to sell themselves  using money from the leftist oligarchy which runs their party.

Why the Media Silence on Kermit Gosnell’s Infanticides?? PLANNED PARENTHOOD!

Abortion supporters have always mocked pro-lifers for worrying about the slippery slope of ever increasing killing.  At the same time, the pro-aborts have been setting the stage for this massive eugenic killing all along.

We’ve noticed the near blackout of the media during the trial of Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortionist known for snipping the cervical spines of babies born alive at his clinic.

Now you can see a Florida lobbyist from Planned Parenthood, Alisa LaPolt Snow,  arguing for abortionists and parents to be allowed  to kill babies born alive at their clinics.  She is shown addressing the Civil Justice Subcommittee of the Florida House of representatives.

Click HERE for the VIDEO from the Florida House Civil Justice Subcommittee, and pay close attention to the exchange near the 39 minute mark.  Alternatively, save time and take a look at THIS Youtube extract from the video.

If the Youtube video disappears, notify your friendly Pharmer in comments, so that an effort can be made to replace it.

planned parenthood Alisa LaPolt Snow infanticide lobbyist for  Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates

Excerpted from the Weekly Standard :

“So, um, it is just really hard for me to even ask you this question because I’m almost in disbelief,” said Rep. Jim Boyd. “If a baby is born on a table as a result of a botched abortion, what would Planned Parenthood want to have happen to that child that is struggling for life?”

“We believe that any decision that’s made should be left up to the woman, her family, and the physician,” said Planned Parenthood lobbyist Snow.

Another representative questioned Snow again on this, and got the same result.

Let there be no mistake……. Planned Parenthood has always been about killing “unwanted” humans.

Sandy Hook Killer, Adam Lanza Kept Score Sheet for Massacres

It won’t help the progress of the government in making the ownership of guns illegal in the U.S…… so this story will not be plastered everywhere by the media.  It’s a surprise that the NY Daily News published it at all.

Adam Lanza had a seven foot by four foot  spreadsheet showing the various mass killings in the U.S., with the number of kills and various details about locations, weapons,  environments, etc.

This report, in 9 point font,  required a special printer to produce, and contained the names of about 500 people.

The Connecticut police seem to view this as a sort of score sheet, and believe that Adam Lanza wanted to place himself at the top of that list, and that he picked the Sandy Hook Elementary school as an easy, target rich environment.

Suicide after the shooting was seen as the gamer’s way to avoid being killed by police, and losing all his points.

Boston College Wants to Discipline Students for Handing out Condoms

Administrators at Jesuit-run Boston College have sent out warnings of possible disciplinary action to students who have been passing out free condoms on campus.

Students have established so called “safe sites” on campus for distributing the prophylactic devices for males and females.  As readers know,  condoms and the premarital free for all is against Catholic teaching.  While the  administrators are not spying in individual dorm rooms for condoms and sex, they object to the public distribution at their institution.

One might expect that students who desired to attend a Catholic institution might have some respect for the religious sensibilities and teachings, even if they do not fully concur.  But we have learned, from Sandra (the riveted) Fluke that some students attend these institutions for the purpose of tearing them down.   The condom distribution is said to have been occurring since 2009.  Perhaps the practice has become extremely overt, or perhaps an administrator finally mustered the courage to address the issue.

A Washington DC group,  “Advocates for Youth, is donating $400 each semester for condom distribution at Boston College according to the Boston Globe.

It appears that the local ACLU is ready to jump into the fray.  Perhaps this would not be so bad.  If the Jesuits lose this argument in the legal arena, it might be a step towards smaller government.

If the ACLU can establish that penalties against  handing out condoms in public at a religious educational institution, are unconstitutional  then we can establish that laws against smoking in public are likewise unconstitutional.  Remember…. condoms don’t stop the spread of HPV (genital warts), etc.  In fact, new STI cases VASTLY outpace  than new jobs AND  new graduates in the United States, with an estimated 19.7 million new infections in 2008, says the CDC. This costs the nation $16 billion in direct health care costs per year.   On these bases ‘Nanny’ Bloomberg and Michelle Obama would have to shut down their obsessive-compulsive meddling.

Boston College need not “discipline” the students for their undiplomatic and discourteous treatment of their educational institution and its traditions.   Instead, the students  could be “praised” online with video and verse, and in letters of recommendation, for their very public “concern” for  the sexual health and availability of their fellow students.  Particular attention could be paid to the students who pass out condoms in front of the church.  That information would remain as searchable as the facebooks, resume, and other activities of the students, and help to  track them into appropriate career paths.  😉


“BUGS ‘R’ US”, says the CDC.


Legitimate Reason to Leave the Catholic Church ??

Magdi Allam made international news when he converted from his Muslim faith to Catholicism on Easter, 2008, at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, with Pope Benedict XVI officiating.

Allam now says that he is leaving Catholicism, but will always remain a Christian.  He is upset that the Catholic Church has stood by for the “Islamization” of Europe, which he sees as an affront to Western civilization, and the “fundamental rights of the person”.   He points to the persecution of Christians in the Muslim countries, and  explains that a practice of appeasement will not be effective in stopping the maltreatment.

“I am convinced,” Allam stated, “that Islam is an ideology inherently violent as it has been historically conflictual inside and warlike outside.”

Pharmer does not see all Muslims as being cut from the same cloth, though Allam is certainly correct about the more extreme Islamic groups.  The main difficulty with Islam occurs when it is practiced as a political system, rather than as a religion.  There are those who hold that Islam is inherently a political system.

There are some additional forces driving people from the Catholic Church.  In the U.S.  the Church has been very weak in speaking up for the rights of the unborn, the elderly and disabled, preferring to sell them out for government funding of their charitable and educational interests.   The U.S. Catholic church has also seen fit to place charitable functions and health care into the hands of a very corrupt government.   After doing this, the Bishops then feigned surprise that abortion, birth control coercion, and IPAB death panels were a part of the government health care plan, brought by the most pro-abortion/infanticide president in history.

Yours truly thinks it is plausible that the Catholic leadership in the U.S. knew what was coming all along.  It is observed that the nominally Catholic lawmakers who pushed this abortive health care agenda are still able to publicly partake in the Eucharist.  This serves as an indication that Obamacare, and all the death and destruction it is bringing our way, might  have  been pre-approved by the church leadership in America.

Does it make sense, with this in mind, to follow the example of Magdi Allam?   Pharmer is not taking such a step.   Perhaps it makes more sense to stick with the ideals of the Catholic religion as an ethical system apart from so many current clergy and leaders who not taking it seriously.

Perhaps it also makes more sense to abstain from the Eucharist in the place of Biden, Pelosi, et al, and do penance for having allowed them to govern us.  


Oregon Public School Teacher May Be Fired for Dissing Planned Parenthood

Benson High School, in Portland Oregon has suspended, and may fire a pro-life teacher, ostensibly for his opposition to Planned Parenthood.   Bill Diss, who has taught computer science and math in the public schools for 11 years, is known, and sometimes baited by the students due to his openly pro-life views.

The math teacher was escorted out of the school by police on March 19th, and is on paid leave, awaiting a possible firing.   This is thought to stem from his refusal, in September of last year, to allow two planned parenthood employees into his classroom, because they did not have proper ID.   They were supposedly there to teach an optional sex-ed class to the students.  Mr. Diss also organized a protest at a school board meeting against Planned Parenthood’s presence in the school district.  He says that he had  kept his protests against planned parenthood outside of work until they were invited into the school to teach.

Another issue of contention was the use of Mr. Diss’s name on permission  forms sent home to the parents of students, for planned parenthood’s teen outreach program.   His attorney contested the misuse of Diss’s name as though he endorsed the TOP program, and demanded a retraction of statements on the forms.  Since that time,  the school officials have been sending notes to Diss concerning his teaching practices, and requiring him to attend various hearings.   He has been told that his teaching contract will not be renewed.

Diss concludes that it appears to be much more important for the school to have Planned Parenthood at Benson than it is to have a teacher teach computer science and math”.

Teacher Bill Diss Fired for prolife views

According to US NEws,  Benson Polytechnic  High School is not doing so well academically.

Benson High School test scores USnews

Now Benson H.S. is  down by one more math teacher. but who needs math when one can have planned parenthood’s version of show and tell?  Poly-Technique!