A Gay Adult Has Poked REALITY Through the Noise

The debate on homosexual marriage has been largly been reduced to a gluey morass of useless emotions.  For this reason it is refreshing when  a useful and cogent view on the topic pushes through the noise and garbage.

Yours truly has long recognized that social recognition of marriage is not for the couple getting married.  Instead, society has recognized marriage as a vehicle for stabilizing and promoting the process of bringing up children.   Marriage as an institution is much closer to a “childrens rights” issue.   There really is really no right for any individual to be married, nor is there a right to be a parent.  The rights of an individual stop where they impinge upon the rights of another.   Marriage is a whole lot of impingement and, as such, it is a privilege, not a right.

Please attend to the writings of one Mr. Doug Mainwaring, a Tea Party leader, who opposes gay marriage with similar arguments.   As a conscientious adult, (an increasingly rare type of individual) Mr. Mainwaring is putting the rights of others ahead of what might be his own social comfort.   He is likely paying a higher immediate social price for his opposition to same sex marriage because he himself is gay.  The left tends to insist that all gays think a certain way, and it can be as bad for the conservatives among them as it is for Black right wingers.

Mr. Mainwaring  points out that politicians are selling this issue, disguised as a push for equality, for votes, and  says that the same sex marriage concept is undefining marriage instead of redefining it.   He points out that in the quest for self gratification, adults are reducing children to “chattel like sources of self fulfillment“.   He eloquently  conveys the fact that the state’s  interest in marriage is all about the children, and nothing more.  Check out his article HERE.

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