Abortion Pill Drone

The latest War on Women will be carried out using drones to drop abortion pills in countries where they are restricted or illegal. According to the UK Telegraph, Women on Waves plans to fly a drone from Frankfurt Germany, and drop packages of mifepristone and misoprostil combos to targets in Slubice, Poland. Women there are expected to take the pills, which frequently don’t complete the abortion process. Without medical oversight, they will manage their side effects, ranging from hemorrhage, infection, and death, in the privacy of their own abodes.
Whether or not it is legal for Women on Waves to drop the pills in Poland is a questionable issue. Most certainly, the women who use the drone dropped pills will be facing legal consequences in Poland, if they reveal the information when they appear at hospitals to manage disastrous outcomes. This, of course will inhibit women from seeking medical care, as they would if they lost a baby through natural causes. Killing or maiming women in order to get abortion legalized in Poland seems to be the plan.
Who cares about women’s health when there is a political agenda to push?