As Pharmer Deals with Young Female Stroke and DVT Patients Who Have Been On the Pill..

Insurers must cover birth control with no copays – Yahoo! News.

Yes, the Obama administration considers the pill to be more necessary for women than all other drugs, so it must be covered by insurance companies with NO COPAY.

Sebelius is supposedly offering an out for religious institutions which have objection to the pill,  but who in their right mind  would expect that to last?

We pack the hormones in special safe handling packages for dispensing, because the World Health Organization rates them as a carcinogen, and the Obamanators think that all women of reproductive age need these things.  Pharmer is less worried about the cancer, and more worried about the thrombotic events and metabolic disorders, as well as thinking that women should not be chemically  altered to control the rate of reproduction.  The hormones also bear the possibility of ethically unacceptable mechanisms of action- causing the deaths of early human embryos.

Gurls,  we are going to have to JUST SAY “NO” TO DRUGS, and learn how to time the baby making  to the size of the ability to raise them using safer, natural means.

2 thoughts on “As Pharmer Deals with Young Female Stroke and DVT Patients Who Have Been On the Pill..

  1. I agree that they should not cover contraceptives, I respect your opinion on what mode of action these pills work but i myself think there is no evidence that these pills are abortifacient.

  2. Why do you suppose that the manufacturers of the various BC pills mention the interceptive (early abortive) mechanisms in their (FDA required) prescriber information?

    Certainly this is not a selling point in the USA, where more than half of the people have difficulty with embryonic stem cell research, due to their respect for the very newest human organisms.

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