Cancer Patient is Giving Obama What He Wants

Cancer patient, Bill Elliot,  is not impressed with Obama’s apology to those who are having their insurance cut.

“Absolutely he misled me, I believe that was more of an insult to me and the other people who have been canceled than him saying 41 times ‘you’re going to keep your doctor, keep your insurance. Period.‘”, said Elliot, who voted for Obama based upon his promise.

South Carolina Retiree, Bill Elliot, cancer pt. cancelled by Obamacare
Megyn Kelly interviews South Carolina Retiree, Bill Elliot, cancer patient. cancelled by Obamacare

Elliot doesn’t have the money to buy the new,  super expensive ($1500 monthly)  Obamacare policy, now that his $180 per month policy, which had been covering his cancer treatments  will been cancelled.  Elliot said that he likes his doctor and his insurance, which has paid for just about everything.

After consideration and prayer, Elliot says he is going to “pay the $95 fine and let nature take his course”.   Of Obama’s apology, he said: it’s “like a doctor coming into your operating room and saying, ‘I cut out your wrong kidney. But I’m sorry about that.’ There’s nothing you can do about it now.”

Pharmer understand the tight spot that Elliot is in.  He’s middle class and can’t afford to cover his cancer treatment while paying the new expensive rates that were designed to sustain others, who never paid into health insurance before.

The problem is that Bill Elliot is doing exactly what Obama, Zeke Emanuel and Cass Sunstein had in mind.  He’s killing himself off, because he’s no longer of use as a funding source to the government.

Mr. Elliot joins the 52 million Americans which the Federal government projected (way back in 2010) would lose their health insurance as a result of Obamacare.

This is the “transition” of retirees and sick people into coffins, that the Obama administration has been selling to us.