Celestial Discharge: Unification Church Founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Sun Myung Moon, the Korean religious leader and founder of the Unification Church has died of pneumonia  at the ripe age of 92.   He leaves behind 10 surviving children out of 14, and his second wife, Hak Ja Han Moon.   He was the founder of the Unification Church of about 3 million members, and significant financial assets.   People remember Rev. Moon for his massive wedding ceremonies, involving thousands of followers, and any one else who wanted to be blessed.  He’s also remembered for his interest in free speech and his dislike of communism.

Pharmer doesn’t remember  Rev Sun Myung Moon claiming  divinity along with his messianic ambitions. Unlike Obama, he did not promise to lower the seas. More like Romney, he wanted to help families ;-), as well as to  bring peace and save the world.

The Moonies of the 70s and 80s did seem a bit brain washed to me. They seemed to exhibit some characteristics of the Scientologists, but  it was less like slavery and it was easier to leave the Unification Church.

Most significantly, Pharmer   liked Rev. Moon’s newspaper, the Washington Times. The reporters were meticulously accurate with their story details.

via Unification Church Leader the Rev. Sun Myung Moon Has Died | TheBlaze.com.