Dana Goldstein: Transfer Oversight of Your Sex Life From Your Boss to the Government

via Obama Birth Control Compromise Defuses Religion Issue – The Daily Beast.

Above linked is an address in favor  of Obama’s new shell game “solution”  to the fight with the religious people of the United States.

It’s just as bogus and unsustainable  as the rest of Obamacare.  Instead of forcing the religious institutions to pay for birth control, abortive drugs and sterilizations, he moves the cost to the insurers, which in turn move the cost back to the employers.  The only change is that the employers do not have to speak to their employees about birth control.   Obama is still making businesses sell specific products,  and making the citizens pay for those products.    UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

Pharmer is  laughing at Dana Goldstein, of the Daily Beast, who think’s its not rational that a woman’s boss has influence over her sex life. She does think it’s more rational that the influence be transferred to the Government.

There are two to three generations of lefties completely convinced that there is a right for humans to have sex, and that someone else should have to fund the activity and the results: erectile dysfunction meds, birth control, sexually transmitted diseases, infertility, child birth, abortions, etc. I think that human rights end where another human begins. Sex involves two people at least, and can make more.

From the Pharmer comes a more libertarian viewpoint. Why can’t people assume more responsibility for their own behaviors and consequences?? The total cost of health care would go down if people knew that they had to take care of their own sex life and its results.

Third party payment is what has made the cost of health care (and education too) skyrocket, with no return on the extra investment. People are almost never good stewards of other people’s money.

Consider this novel idea… people delay sex until they can foot the bills. Birth control should be paid for in cash, and the same for sex enhancers and drugs for erectile dysfunction. People can enter their choice of insurance pools for to soften the expenses for complications of reproduction. That can be handled in a way similar to dental or life insurance. The cost of reproductive health care would plummet.

Certainly this would not appeal to the lefties who are used to trading in all their other freedoms in order to have sex with people they don’t even like, (or with children).

Maybe those who are interested in freedom and self determination should give the idea of personal responsibility another look.


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