Extensive Probings- the Lawsuit


The hose that goes there
Extensive probings

The story of  David Eckert, the New Mexico victim of a colonoscopic drug search continues with a settlement of a portion of his lawsuit.   This is an extremely fast offer from the cops of the city of Deming, and Hildago County, where the probe was conducted.  So far, Mr. Eckert stands to collect 1.6 million dollars.  Suits against GILA REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER and doctors Robert Wilcox, M.D. and Okay Odocha M.D. continue.

Recalling from the initial story of a huge violation of 4th amendment rights, and a massive breach of medical ethics, the above mentioned docs ran a hose from Mr. Eckert’s anus through his large bowel, all the way to his cecum, looking for drugs.  In doing so, they risked the possibility of breaking the bags, if there were any, and killing Mr. Eckert. That was only part of the story of a harrowing night spent in police custody, but not under arrest.

Mr. Eckert deserves to be compensated for this assault upon his person, but there is a  major problem with the settlement thus far.   The taxpayers, who had no part in this crime are the ones who are paying for it.  Perhaps the public will need to be more attentive to the stupidity of its government, law enforcement officials, and ancillary personnel to stop this kind of behavior.