Inside story on Komen split from Planned Parenthood – Jill Stanek

Inside story on Komen split from Planned Parenthood – Jill Stanek.

Click above for a bit of inside scoop on the “divorce” of Susan G Komen Foundation and Planned Parenthood. Jill Stanek predicts that Komen is totally finished with funding  planned parenthood, and one reason is that the latter organization took their “divorce” to the press, as a means of punishment.

Pharmer would be more enthusiastic about Komen foundation if it were really interested in addressing all the means to prevent and cure breast cancer. It seems to have become one of those bloated “non-profit” behemoths which burn a good portion of the funds which could have gone directly towards productive research and interventions.

Some charitable organizations begin a program of self perpetuation, to bring about job security for the employees.

The decision by Komen foundation to ditch planned parenthood likely had more to do with decreasing controversy,  increasing income, and less to do with ethical reasoning.

The Komen statement that it does not fund  embryonic stem cell research is likely fueled by public awareness  that such efforts have  produced no positive medical results. Geron, the former industry leader is also bailing out, and moving more resources to adult stem cell work. The statement put forth by Komen claims that it never funded embryonic stem cell research, though it has had prior association with institutions which were carrying out such research.

Click for Komen financial statements.

More on planned parenthood punishing Komen for defunding them.  PP is using this event as a fundraiser and as a threat to other corporations which stop giving. Imagine what will happen if the girl scouts bail on them!  Moral of the story, don’t get started with planned parenthood.

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  1. I think it's pretty obvious that they just didn't want to deal with having to answer for the money they were giving and they hope people that support life will just forget about the whole thing so they don't lose their money. It sure doesn't do much for their trustworthiness.

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