Just in Time for Ramadan: Abominations from Twisted Sharia

New Saudi Fatwa Defends Pedophilia as ‘Marriage’ :: Raymond Ibrahim.

Dr. Salih  bin Fawzin,  held in high esteem in Saudi Arabia as a member of its highest religious council, has issued a fatwa defending child rape within the confines of a muslim marriage.  He states that Sharia has no minimum age for marriage and that it may be consummated as soon as the “husband” thinks the little girl can “bear his weight”.

A result of this torture of girls has spawned the advocacy of sex slavery by a whacko female Kuwaiti activist.    Apparently  she’s grossed out by the men in her social circles.

Meet Salwa al-Mutairi, who would sell out women from other countries just to distract her own guys elsewhere.  Pharmer assumes that her personal  experiences with men have not been good.

Follow this link for al Mutairi’s priceless quotes.

One wonders if this news has wrecked the religious season for rational Muslims and if they’d like to give some response to the above mentioned individuals.

Pharmer would like to call your attention to the parallel practice  of planned parenthood in aiding and abetting sex slavery.  Could it be from similar motivations?