Killing as an Essential Part of Health Care – the New Utopian Standard

From the Quebec “Dying with Dignity” Euthanasia Commission comes the following recommendation for providing physician assisted death.

By definition, medical aid in dying could only be provided by a physician. Under their codes of ethics, physicians and nurses are entitled to conscientious objection, meaning they can refuse to perform an act that goes against their values. Of course, physicians and nurses will retain this right where medical aid in dying is concerned. However, a doctor who refuses to provide medical aid in dying for reasons of conscience will have the duty to help his patient find another who is prepared to do so, as quickly as possible

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Personal ethics notwithstanding, every  physician will have  to refer for killing, as a requisite function of medical practice in Quebec, if the above recommendation goes through.   Canada has little to no conscience protection for health care professionals who think that  killing is wrong.

There is 100% chance that the same will be expected of all U.S. physicians once Obamacare matures into its utopian form.

Most states already require pharmacists to refer patients to receive abortive drugs, if they choose not to dispense them.  Physicians are expected  to make the option of abortion known to a woman if her baby has an unfavorable prenatal diagnosis.   They fear legal liability if they do not.

These are the reasons that those who think that killing humans is wrong will need to avoid working in many of the  health care professions in the near future.

One thought on “Killing as an Essential Part of Health Care – the New Utopian Standard

  1. Once killing becomes a prerequiste of the medical profession, it will be very hard for pro-life people to find an appropriate doctor who won't try to shove abortion down their throat if the circumstance of the pregnancy aren't exactly perfect by the doctor's definition. It will also be hard to find a doctor who won't try to kill yor loved one if they can't be cured, or if the "quality of life" isn't just right. They will take custody of your loved one if you refuse to go along with the agenda.
    Expect the quality of life demanded to get higher and higher before you are given the right to live. Once this death loving stuff gets started, who knows where it will stop. The devil is never satisfied with the number of murder victims he has. He always wants more.
    Let's stop the culture of death in its tracks.

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