Non-news: Obama Administration Complies with Judge Lifting Restriction on Plan B Sales

The Obama administration will, as expected, comply with Judge Edward Korman’s order to allow all underage girls, and their rapists to purchase Plan B without restrictions.

The latest news incorrectly states that “If a girl or woman already is pregnant, the pill, which prevents ovulation or fertilization of an egg, has no effect.”

This misrepresentation conflicts with the manufacturer’s own provider information shown below, which recognizes that the pill has multiple mechanisms of action, some of which act AFTER fertilization.¬† You are not being well served, in matters of science and medicine, by the news media.
Another misrepresentation¬† involves word play with the term “pregnancy”.¬† This is now said to begin about a week after embryonic development starts, in order to disguise the fact that Plan B can operate to kill an early human embryo by affecting its ability to implant in the uterus.
Plan B One-Step Mechanism
Note:  Over the counter Plan B, which demonstrates <60 percent effectiveness in actual use, is like condoms with holes in them.


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