Obama “Recovery” Hurts More than Bush Recession

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the inflation adjusted REAL median annual household income has fallen twice as much during the “recovery” (between 6/2009 and 6/2013) as it did during the preceding recession.

That horrible economic plunge, at the end of the Bush term coused a 1.8% decrease in household income, falling $1002 from $55480 to $54478.  During the period which Obama’s media has labeled a “recovery” the median income fell 4.4%, or $2380, from $54478 to $52098.

The last four years of Obama has seen average  household income drop almost $2400  per year. expressed in 2013 dollars.  A lot of this decrease is due to the conversion of full time jobs to part time jobs.  Has this happened to you, or anyone that you know?

You have been hearing the Obama media call this decrease in Americans’ average income a Recovery.   Do you agree with this term?    Would the media have labeled such a Decrease as a Recovery if it happened during any other president’s watch?

Do you think that Obama’s decision to put off the Keystone pipeline for another year is encouraging an actual economic recovery?  Do you think his decision to stop the construction of coal fired power plants is encouraging economic recovery?  Do you think the spectre of paying for higher priced health insurance has encouraged companies to hire more people, or do you think it might be the reason that more jobs are now part time?

Do you think that any other president would have been held more responsible for the negative economic consequences of his policies?   Does Obama get a pass because the media does not expect as much from him as they have  from other presidents?

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  1. This is depending on their strategy according to that they are generating these all results. Instead of losing the mines and concentrations on the other countries of the world they should have to pay them for their people.

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