Part of What’s Wrong with New York is that the Catholic Archdiocese Pays for Birth Control

As U.S. Catholics realize,  their bishops forgot about the birth control and abortion issues for a long time.  The instructional vacuum has hastened the social decline of the U.S.  About halfway through the last decade, under pressure from the Vatican, the bishops started notice that the richest nation in the world also had one of the highest abortion rates.  Another kick an the pants has jolted them to start paying attention to their birth control problem, which contributes to their abortion problem.

The New York Times noted yesterday that NYC’s Archdiocese, had been paying for birth control beginning prior to the time that  the man-who-could-not-be-Pope  took leadership.

We note that NYC also has an abortion rate higher than the rest of the U.S., and rivaling that of China and Russia.  New York City’s own media calls it the “Abortion Capital of America”.

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