No Hair Splitting Here

Thanks to Christian Hartsock for dredging up a commentary on James O’Keefe from the underbelly of  Busted Halo, and shining a light on it.

Among many lay theologians is the need for the intellectual exercise of moral  hair splitting,  which diverts attention away from  huge chunks  of bad judgment expressed in their own lives.   At the Busted Halo, for example, one may find support for Obamacare, with little  thought of the carnage of elderly and disabled people designed within this plan.

About half of US “Catholics” are congenital democrats, and through the practice of idolatry, which is NOT condoned by the religion, remain obligate democrats. This statement will hurt some feelings, but many people, who claim to adhere to the same religion as this Pharmer, are helping to destroy civilization through their erroneous political practices.
There exists ancestor worship gone wild (again not condoned by the Church) with some “Catholics” stating a feeling of disloyalty to their parents if they would vote other than democrat , even though the Washington wing of that party has morphed into a freakshow.
The proper practice of Catholicism would preclude rigid party loyalty, and instead demand that we vote for the candidates who most closely support a respect for the human rights bestowed by the Creator (which does not include a free ride using STOLEN resources). Sometimes there might be a call not to vote, in a particular circumstance, if there are no good alternatives.
The virtue of Charity is attenuated once the responsibility is allocated to the government.
The most egregious error of the US Catholic Conference of Bishops has been to allocate to the Corrupt government, the responsibility to determine who lives and who dies, by ignoring the abortion problem for decades, and by supporting socialized medicine. Only under outside pressure has come a too little, too late effort by the USCCB to address the abortion problem in Obamacare, while ignoring the reality of the “death panels” inherent in the plan.
The Pharmer is careful not to diss those who feel called to do the “dirty work” which protects us while we cogitate on religious idealisms, and dream of a world without killing, stealing and rape. One may find long term support and admiration for the non-violent work of James OKeefe Down on the Pharm, starting with his project  to expose the racist based genocide by planned parenthood.