Toilet brush ‘blunder’ death | The Sun |News

Toilet brush ‘blunder’ death | The Sun |News.

Pharmer collects  UK socialized medicine disaster stories, which are legion,  and here’s a doozie.

A woman fell in the bathroom  (too much drinkie) and six inches of a toilet brush handle had become embedded in her buttocks.

A series of  medical visits since 2005 yielded repeated misdiagnosis and no appropriate treatment. Finally things got so bad, the woman submitted to a surgery which resulted in her death from blood loss.

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Miss Michigan thinks Birth Control Pills are Controlled Substances!

Fresh in from the a nocturnal political news contributor, this major gaffe from the latest Miss USA.

The pill, in normal use, is not like any other drug. It is usually employed as a lifestyle drug, (much like a recreational drug). The Plan B form (Plan B One-step) is available over the counter in the United States and many other countries.

The pill is not very costly when compared to other recreational expenses, so this is not a reason for insurance companies to pay for its use as birth control. It is also presents many health liabilities for women, though the FDA and prescribers are remarkably unenthusiastic about reporting the many side effects, including those causing hospitalization and death. After all, it’s ONLY women who use those pills.

Some apologists for Rima Fakih have suggested that she might see it as a means to prevent abortions. The pill is NOT shown to reduce the overall demand for abortion in locations where it is readily available. Some studies show the opposite. Additionally the pill sometimes can operate by an interceptive mechanism, otherwise known as post fertilization mechanism, which can kill the early human embryo before implantation. This information is available in the drug information for the prescribers . It is not usually found in the information given to the patient.

Yep, that question was waaaay over Rima’s head, but a response based on medical facts would surely have been found unacceptable to the judges of the Miss USA contest.

Duh!! The San Diego Decision to Boycott Arizona should be considered “Merely Symbolic”. – San Diego Faces Own Medicine as Arizona Residents Cancel Travel Following Boycott of State.

Those idiots are shocked to see Arizona citizens returning the favor to San Diego by cancelling their flight and hotel tickets and changing their vacation plans.

Pharmer suggests diverting your business away from those  cities which express opposition to states’ rights to protect their own populations from the onslaught of illegal immigration.

Blast from the Past:   presidents who enhanced the deportation of illegals  to increase  JOB prospects for returning servicemen and other Americans are Harry Truman,  Herbert Hoover and Dwight Eisenhower.

Read right HERE —  the Obama delegation apologized  to China about the Arizona immigration law.  Wonder why the whole world is laughing at US  now???

Gateway Pundit ponders what would happen if Arizona cuts off electricity which it supplies to California.   So much for LA, San Diego, San Francisco, etc……….

My Way News Gamely Clings to the Fantasy that Most Voters Prefer Democrats

though the reporter states that only a third of those polled want their incumbent back in 2010.

My Way News – AP-GfK Poll: Only a third want own lawmakers back.

Now for a bit of reality…….

This is an interim election.  Pharmer’s area of the country would be characterized as “Reagan Democrat” in its demographics.   This was not reflected in the primary voter  turnout on May 4th  with 81 percent of voters asking for the Republican ballot, and 19 percent asking for the Democrat ballot.

Soooooooo, if these figures are any indicator of the voter turnout in November:    Bye Bye,  Lefties.    So Long, Baron Hill.

Eric Holder Needs To Be Replaced

Holder hasn’t read Arizona law he criticized – Washington Times.

Attorney General Eric Holder was not able to find time to read the very short and succinct Arizona Immigration Law before threatening to file suit.

This is because he, like other lefties, are not embarrassed to comment on issues about which they know Nothing.  The endless list of other examples includes education,   stem cell research, energy policy,   health care,  financial reform, …………

The U.S. immigration policy should be an exchange program to export  those who hate America, and import people who would appreciate living here.