Two more Census workers blow the whistle –

Yes, the Government continues to use the census to falsely inflate the employment numbers and job creation.

Two more Census workers blow the whistle –

One of the workers in the above article was fired and rehired multiple times by the Census Bureau, and this counted for the creation of four new jobs.   This worker is now unemployed once more.   The other writer reports extreme job redundancy, and waste of resources.

Your tax dollars at work, stimulating the economy.

OKeefe gets a fine and community service for Louisiana phone caper

Activist guilty in phone caper at senator’s office.

James O’Keefe,  memorable for his pimp costume in the video series which exposed the corruption of ACORN,  gets a fine, community service and probation for entering a federal building under false pretenses.   His group  was apparently  checking to see if Senator Mary Landrieu’s message box was really full.  😉

For this small penalty, O’Keefe got a ton of extra international media exposure for his ACORN video sting operation.   Comparable internet ad time would have been waaaaaaaaay more expensive.

ACORN has since gone bankrupt, and split into baby acorns with new names.

Best wishes for these intrepid investigators and hopes for more   video hits  from  Mr. O’Keefe and friends.

Chalk that Louisiana phone caper into the Plus column.

He’s a GENIUS !

Obama’s  solution to BP’s problem!   “Plug the damn hole.” he says.

Obama to aides: ‘Plug the damn hole’ – The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room.

Bush would have summoned effective assistance for BP long before this…….. remember he and his buddies knew something about oil, and would not have had to screen leak plugging experts for their religious beliefs about gay sex.

Lefties are bad for the environment.    Green voters need to think about practical matters, such as actual cleaning operations, and how to accomplish them.

Britain bans doctor who linked autism to vaccine

thereby INCREASING his reputation and credibility.   Please excuse the dollop of cynicism and read up!
Britain bans doctor who linked autism to vaccine.

Though the Lancet published research by Dr Andrew Wakeman, after peer review, the journal “takes it all back”. What does that say about the value of  other medical research which is published in that journal?   To which one would you give credence?  Lancet or Wakeman or neither.   Bubbling up now is a temporal link between the use of  embryonic stem cells to make vaccines and the increased incidence in autism.    Pharmer  fully agrees that using killed humans for medical purposes is bad karma (a little Hindu lingo there), but sees no mechanistic explanation for linkage of these two elements  thus far.   Please also note  autism’s medical-pop status as the diagnosis du jour (french lingo for overdiagnosis). Enthusiasm for vaccines will continue to plummet as the use of them is increasingly coerced by government, and  public trust in  the increasingly intertwined, Unethical  government-medical establishment  continues to erode.

Pondering the reasons for the deep cynicism …brings to mind another scientific field, and the global warming “research”. Is the peer review process working at all anymore?  Read the FOI files and emails from East Anglia University  yourself. The establishment continues to stand behind this hoax.

Nature, another journal which “took it all back” flagellates itself online for the embryonic stem cell fraud of Hwang Woo Suk.

Don’t forget the increasingly bogus Komen Foundation creating a need for itself.     Now  the natural medicine folks are after Komen for greasing up to fight breast cancer.   Pharmer wonders where many of the naturopaths  have been regarding the  birth control and abortion links to breast cancer … asleep at the switch until  Komen and KFC joined forces to sell greasy  fried food, which we all know is an unhealthy delight.

Public distrust  of  medicine and science is well fed.    Got any suggestions for repairing this problem?

Virginia Principal Is Placed on Leave for Distributing Fetus Dolls to Students » Virginia Principal Is Placed on Leave for Distributing Fetus Dolls to Students.  <=== Watch This Video!

Sex Ed is OK at Norfolk Public Schools in Virginia,  but developmental biology is not.   Children are not to be exposed to figures of  a human fetus, with a description of human development accompanying it.

A staffer and principal at Oakwood  Primary School in Norfolk are on administrative leave for distributing fetus dolls and literature to 8, 9, and 10 year old students.    (The word “”abortion” apparently does not appear anywhere in that  literature so apparently it’s the developmental biology lesson which has caused all the uproar.)

Washington DC, Beefing Up the Failed AIDS Prevention Program

D.C. to begin using more-expensive Trojan condoms in HIV prevention program. ………. because people were whining that the Durex brand wasn’t good enough.   Some of these  delusional denizens of DC, screaming for better freebies,  also complained about the size.  Pharmer suggests that they instead discontinue the hallucinogens.

Recall that the Harvard AIDS prevention project  produced data which shows  that the condom distribution  programs do not prevent or reduce transmission of the virus at the population level, so Washington DC,  the HIV  capital of the United States, where  3 percent of residents have the virus, is likely to remain as such.

Republican wins House Seat Obama’s Home district

Djou wins U.S. House seat – Hawaii News –   <— note, this was a special election.

Charles Djou will be the first Republican sent by Hawaii to Congress in 20 years.   In the email, but not the news is a mention that Djou is a captain in the US Army Reserve.   Two democrats running against him in the special election will be reduced to one by primary election, and Djou will face a combined vote, perhaps placing him at disadvantage in the general election.   However even this first victory came as a shock to the regular media pundits.

Pro-lifers rain on Planned Parenthood’s dismally attended “celebration” by Jill Stanek

Pro-lifers rain on Planned Parenthood’s dismally attended “celebration” by Jill Stanek.

Cecile Richards  (head of planned parenthood federation)  needs to work on her charisma.   Her big appearance for East Central Iowa planned parenthood’s 30th anniversary bash in Cedar Rapids   drew more prolifers than supporters.   Plenty of media showed up for the event and got a view of about 180 prolifers with plenty of signage standing in the rain outside.

The protesters,   largely courtesy of Dubuque Co. RTL  and the Pro-life  Action League, outnumbered the attendees by a good deal, and this disproportion  is quite normal.

Planned Parenthood doesn’t seem to be able to pack the house or engender much enthusiasm for any of its appeals, except among the media and politicians for whom they fund campaigns.  They aren’t so good at inspiring the volunteerism.

(Remembers a national mailing from planned parenthood asking their supporters to email Yours Truly, which produced……….. YEP…..  one Single Lonely Email in the in-box,  no spam filters intervening  😉