Woman uses Morning After Pill to kill Embryonic Humans after Fertility Clinic Mixup

Woman uses emergency contraceptive to kill wrongly implanted babies by Jill Stanek.

For those of you who are confused about the mechanism of  the morning after pill,  this drug was used to kill embryos which were mistakenly placed into the wrong woman. Obviously it was the wrong woman…….. since she decided to kill them.

The error at a University of Connecticut fertility clinic, in which embryos belonging to one woman were placed in the wrong patient,  was discovered within an hour, and the  patient  decided to take the morning after pill to stop the pregnancy.

Read the original NBC story on this 2009 error, apparently “erased” by the only morning after pill on the market at that time:  Plan B.

Next time you are told the  lie, that the morning after pill works only  by stopping/delaying  ovulation,  please remember that NBC informed you otherwise.    OOPS!!!

Detailing Elena Kagan’s Role Attempting to Preserve the Partial Birth Abortion Procedure

Some people think that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists drafted a statement suggesting that partial birth abortion procedure (intact D & X)  might be the best way to save the life of the mother under certain circumstances.  In reality, the ACOG opinion stated doubt that the procedure was ever the only medical alternative.

It is not.   Sucking out the brains of a mostly  delivered baby has no bearing on the physical status of the mother, (barring a severe error on the abortionist’s part).   In addition, the breech delivery that was  necessary for this procedure to be legal is more risky to the woman.

Kagan’s Abortion Distortion – Shannen W. Coffin – National Review Online.

Read up^.   The original ACOG statement on this issue was changed by one Elena Kagan, to suggest that partial birth abortion had medical utility, because this woman is a  a true feminazi in the real sense of the word.

The ACOG statement, as altered by Kagan, was used in subsequent legal battles against the bans on partial birth abortion, until  final conclusions  in the Supreme Court.

By the late  1990s,  the actual  PBA  procedure had been almost entirely discontinued,   because it was so distasteful to both the abortionists and their clients.   It, however was NOT distasteful to  Elena Kagan.

More Gun Right recognition for All Americans, from the Supremes

Supreme Court rules that all Americans have fundamental right to bear arms.

This decision addresses the restrictive handgun law in Chicago, and provides a legal precedent for similar  gun control  laws to be challenged throughout the US.

Another decision announced by the court upholds the policy of public educational institutions to refuse recognition to student groups which restrict membership based on beliefs.

This is a two edged sword, since it means that Christian student groups cannot restrict membership to Christians if they are to have institutional recognition.    It also means……. hehhehheh, that  all other groups must open up their membership standards  or lose university recognition (or funding). That would be murder on the liberal groups, but any conservative group really doesn’t need university support.

So, if you would like to bring some straight pride to the gay activist groups, or some christianity to the muslim groups,  or pro-life ideology to the pro-choice groups…..  etc. etc.   it appears to be quite possible now.   Pharmer recommends that conservative students get busy, and have some fun with this.

Camille Paglia swings….. and misses

Op-Ed Contributor – No Sex Please, We’re Middle Class – NYTimes.com.

Sometimes the lib-lady gets it, but this time it’s a total miss.   Ms. Paglia tackles the flibanserin, female viagra pill issue, and concludes that middle class white values and ambition are a major factor in killing the sex drive.

Apparently she thinks that need to work for  a living, is bad for a woman’s libido, and she’s finding the main  work place with which she is familiar, to be stifling the desires of women.

Now hear this, Camille…….  the PILL (in general) stifles sex drive, and legions of couples have been leaving it behind for just  that reason.  Pharmer chalks a good deal of trouble to fooling with the chemistry, as well as culturally  marginalizing manhood.

In addition……. those dastardly incurable STDs have been ruining the romantic weekends and setting people off schedule.   Yes……. a hot and steamy  cruise is planned, and what happens???  A condylomatous bloom or herpes outbreak puts a big un-kink in the vacation!

The weekenders only appear spontaneous  in the movies, for your troops, Ms. Paglia.  And any actor will tell you,  that’s the farthest thing from reality.

Pssssst…… Doesn’t it all make you want to move Down on the Pharm?   😉

Deepwater Drilling Ban Lifted by New Orleans Federal Judge – Bloomberg

Deepwater Drilling Ban Lifted by New Orleans Federal Judge – Bloomberg.

The battle is on.   U.S. District Court  Judge Martin Feldman granted a preliminary injunction  which overturns Obama’s ban on drilling in waters deeper than 500 feet.   The injunction demands justification for a ban on drilling unrelated to that done by BP, and cites previous responses to disasters such as 911, after  which flights were limited for only 3 days.

Here’s the reference for the case:   Hornbeck Offshore Services LLC v. Salazar, 2:10-cv-01663, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana (New Orleans).

DILLER: Planned Parenthood’s missing millions – Washington Times

DILLER: Planned Parenthood’s missing millions – Washington Times.

The Government Accountability office   (GAO) reports that planned parenthood federation of america  spent 657 million of government grant money between 2002 and 2008, though  the organization reported that it  took in 2.3 billion in government funding during the same period.

Where’s the rest of the money?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Remember, that money comes from the taxpayers.