Courts Force Indiana to Provide Medicaid Funding to Planned Parenthood

Indiana Loses Battle to De-Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Business |

As expected, U.S. District Judge Tanya Walton Pratt has issued an injunction, ending Indiana’s restriction of Medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood. Earlier, the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the law, and the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the case.
A part of the law restricting state managed federal block grants to Planned Parenthood had been upheld by the 7th Circuit Court.

Obama: Top Tax Rate Should Be 28% for Corporations, 40% for Small Business | The Weekly Standard

Obama: Top Tax Rate Should Be 28% for Corporations, 40% for Small Business | The Weekly Standard.

After Obama raised the top individual tax rate (the rate for many small businesses) to 39.6 percent, he is now proposing to lower the top corporate tax rate to 28 percent, and 25 percent for manufacturers.

This latest policy announcement, plus Obamacare places the current inhabitant of the Whitehouse at the top of the heap as a crony capitalist and  a killer of small business and the American Dream.

Purdue Student Assistance: A List of Left Leaning Professors

It’s a bit worrisome to register a student at Purdue and find that the course offerings to satisfy general requirements are increasingly filled with “foo foo” classes.  These are the kinds of courses which you can identify as leftie just from the title alone.   Fortunately this offspring of Pharmer has completed a bunch of general requirements during high school, and might be able to skip almost all of these offerings.  It’s a good feeling not to be wasting any tuition dollars on them.   Yours truly is instead  recommending some on-line alternatives to learn about American history and the Constitution.  Check out Hillsdale College, for example.

On a more reassuring note, Mitch Daniels, the new president at Purdue University, in Indiana, has gotten himself into hot water with some of the leftie  professors there  He has long voiced opposition to using a history textbook by Howard Zinn  (A People’s History of the United States) as a compulsory text in public schools, K-12,  citing its strongly leftward bias.   His reasoning is that those students are a much more captive audience than college students, who choose their own schools and pay their own way, and they should not be spoon fed  “history” from the left.

Here’s a link to a letter, signed by 90 of the more left-leaning professors at Purdue, taking former Governor Mitch Daniels to task for opposing the use of the use of Zinn’s  works to  instruct students from grades K thru 12.   This letter is extremely valuable to prospective or current Purdue students because it can help with course selection.    The names of 90 leftie academic employees are appended to the letter, and this information can help with course selection.   Conservatives can choose to avoid the classes, and the possible lowering of their GPA that might occur, if they openly oppose the professors’ teachings.    Leftie students can use the list to suck up more leftism, (and become a bit less employable in productive fields) if they so choose.

Purdue students,  don’t go to school without this useful list.   It  is not comprehensive, nor  100 percent reliable as a predictor of flaming leftism, but it’s probably the best ideological guide to course selection that you could find in such a small space.

Did George Zimmerman get away with murder? No. Juror B29 is being framed. – Slate Magazine

Did George Zimmerman get away with murder? No. Juror B29 is being framed. – Slate Magazine.

Above are the headlines which were automatically generated when the WordPress “Press This” button was pushed on William Saletan’s  article on ABC’s treatment of  Juror B29, ‘Maddy’.

Going to the article itself, there is an apparent change, and the milder look is shown below.  The discrepancy is probably due to a need to keep the original link URLS and tags, after editors tone down the appearance of the article itself.

zimmerman hung juror Slate article grab 7-26-13

Aside from that apparent change, William Saletan has provided a good analysis of media bias coming from ABC. Their video cutting and editing provides an impression that juror B-29 thought Zimmerman was guilty of murder, but had to acquit due to the letter of the law.

When a less edited video is heard or viewed, it is apparent that the juror understood that Zimmerman was guilty of killing Trayvon, (an undisputed fact of the case) but that this was not manslaughter or second degree murder because no Intention to kill was apparent.  Saletan tells us that ABC interviewer put the phrase “got away with murder” in Maddie’s mouth.   She was repeating it  (vid link) as she analyzed the question being put to her.

Saletan gets a thumbs up for analyzing the media treatment of this case in a dispassionate way.  Click his link and read for yourself. 

You’ll meet a juror who wanted to find Zimmerman guilty of the killing, out of sympathy for the victim and his family, but knew that the charges did not fit the situation.  She put aside her feelings and  and conscientiously interpreted the law.  You will also see the ill effects she is suffering, now that she is aware of the government-fomented race war which has been generated from this case.

Buzzfeed Puts Out Flea Market Abortion Commercial in Response to new Texas Regulations

Hans Johnson at Jill Stanek’s blog points out a Buzz feed news spot touting an “emerging” abortion pill market, now that Texas has passed late term abortion restrictions and modern medical standards regulating abortion clinics as outpatient surgical facilities.   The Buzz feeders are crying that abortion clinics will have to close, because they could never be expected to treat women as well as men are treated, during outpatient surgery by real physicians.   The Buzzfeed news spot is really a COMMERCIAL advertising the availability of diverted abortion pills, misoprostil (cytotec), on the black market.  Their suggestion that this market is emerging is an outright lie.   Misoprostil has been touted as an abortion pill on “women’s health” websites in multiple languages, around the world for a very long time.

buzzfeed news advertises misoprostil abortions

Hospitals have been completing home induced abortions for centuries.  Legalized abortion did not stop this.  The fact that Buzzfeed has just put out a commercial for flea market abortion in response to the new law in Texas might alter your opinion of them as a news source.
When your friendly pharmer practiced in retail  (ambulatory care setting)  prescriptions for misoprostil (Cytotec) without the non-steroidal drug with which it was supposed to be used were rejected.  The drug was contraindicated for use in pregnant women.  Such prescriptions for misoprostil alone were generally not legimate, and were for the purpose of home abortions.
Chemical abortions have been a major method touted in countries where abortion is considered morally wrong. Women are sold this drug to “start the menses” particularly in South American countries and the Philippines. It makes the abortion seem less wrong. Thanks to Hans Johnson for highlighting that significant marketing point in his article.

The extremely unsafe aspect of home abortions with misoprostil  is that the uterus has variable sensitivity to the drug depending on the time of gestation.   Later inductions with misoprostil are done with VERY TINY doses of  the drug are used, to avoid uterine rupture.   As many of us have heard before, Planned Parenthood uses the huge doses (like those required to stop bleeding) to expel an embryo or fetus early in pregnancy, with their mifepristone regimen.  Women are instructed to use an initial huge dose of Cytotec, and then keep taking the pills periodically until “something happens”.….. either abortion or uterine rupture.

If you see an uptick of deaths due to uterine rupture in the U.S., you might want to thank Buzzfeed and their flea market abortion commercial.

Jay Carney: Such a Cranky Boy

jay carney, gabe finger zimmerman question
Gabe Finger, high school intern with Daily Caller
Jay Carney still awaits puberty
Jay Carney still awaits puberty

Gabe Finger, a high school intern with the Daily Caller, appears to be further past puberty than Jay Carney, the Obama, White house spokes-kid. This might be one reason that the prospective journalist was able to get under his skin, with a question about the Zimmerman family’s current security issues. Violence fomented by the DOJ in the aftermath of the trial has instigated numerous threats to their lives.

Click here to watch intern Gabe Finger’s question, and Jay Carney’s inappropriately snippy response.

Below is the text, found at The Blaze.

“Because of the death threats being received by George Zimmerman and his parents, is the president going to take any action for their security or are they on their own?” the intern, Gabe Finger, asked.

Carney at first humored the high school student, referring him to local law enforcement in Florida. Carney said he had not heard of the reports about death threats against Zimmerman and his family.

“So they’re on their own?” Finger pressed.

“You can editorialize all you want and I have no doubt that you will, but that is a ridiculous statement,” an annoyed Carney shot back.

Kudos to Gabe Finger, who has likely exempted himself from all federal grants and loans for his college education.  This might turn out to  be a good thing for his future.

Rachel Jeantel Revealed a Possible Motive for Trayvon to have Accosted Zimmerman

The federal government has a vested interest in pushing a race war to divide Americans and keep our eyes off their criminal activities in Washington.

What we have learned from one of the jurors in the trial is that race was not pertinent to their deliberations.  We also learned from Trayvon’s friend, Rachel Jeantel, who was on the phone with him during the incident, that race was not a factor in their altercation.

When Trayvon reported to Rachel that he was being followed by a “creepy ass cracka”, she suggested to him that Zimmerman might be some kind of same sex rapist, and told him to run.  Jeantel thought it significant that Trayvon’s little brother was residing with his father  in that neighborhood.

This testimony was given during the trial and again, during  a public interview with Piers Morgan.  You have the opportunity to listen to Rachel HERE. 

Rachel Jeantel interviewed on CNN
Rachel Jeantel interviewed on CNN

What we now know is that Trayvon was not the kind of guy to run away.

Leftist incompetence is on parade.  The Obama administration has chosen to make a race war out of a violent incident between two mixed race guys, and the issue which brought about the violence had nothing to do with their different proportions of Black ancestry.   Rachel tells us that she and  Trayvon thought  that Zimmerman was likely a homosexual rapist.

Which of the two special interest groups, Gays or Blacks,  will be thrown under the bus as the government utilizes the Zimmerman case to push its agenda.

When the video at Mediaite disappears,  the audio remains…….Jeantel interview with Piers Morgan: feared zimmerman was a rapist

Breitbart: Al Sharpton Tells Us How He Brought Zimmerman to Trial

You can hear the details at AL Sharpton explains that the Zimmerman prosecution was not based on the merits of the case. It was Sharpton and the feds who pressured the local government to bring about this trial, and he tells all on the Tom Joyner Show.

REV. AL SHARPTON: “Let’s not act like we got in the Florida case because of the merits, we got there by rallying, by protesting and by raising the issue.

TOM JOYNER: That’s true. That’s right.”

Al Sharpton assures us that he is not finished with Zimmerman, though he remains completely uninterested in the carnage which occurs in such cities as Chicago and Detroit.

If the Breitbart linked audio stops working, then try this:  al sharpton takes credit for zimmerman trial 7-13

Extra note:  Jesse Jackson has been caught complaining that Trayvon did not get a trial by his peers.   Jackson completely forgot that those Constitutional protections applied to Zimmerman, because he was the one who was on trial, not Trayvon.


CDC Abortion Surveillance Report Concurs with Pro-lifers: Minorities are Targeted

Pro-lifers have known for decades that abortion clinics are concentrated in minority neighborhoods.  It’s been a eugenics program all along, to regulate the population sizes of Blacks and Hispanics most particularly.

In November, the CDC Abortion Surveillance Report was published, which shows that 63 percent of the abortions in the U.S. end the lives of Black or Hispanic babies.  This wildly outpaces the proportions of these minorities in the general population, and it directly relates to the locations of the abortion clinics.

From the CDC Report comes a data set from 2009.

White women had 38% of abortions  or 8.5 abortions 1ooo women (15-44yrs) or 140 abortions per 1000 live births.

Black women had 35.4% of abortions, 32.5 abortions per 1000 women (15-44yrs) or 477 abortions per 1000 live births.

Hispanic women had 20.6% of abortions, 19.3 abortions per 1000 women (15-44yrs) or 195 abortions per 1000 live births.

Women of other races: 6.3% of abortions, 17.7 abortions per 1000 women (15-44yrs) or 243 abortions per 1000 live births.

Admittedly the CDC is not counting all of the abortions, but the analysis of data which they have been able to collect bears out what pro-lifers have noticed all along.   The placement of abortion clinics is having its intended effects.