Media Continues Malpractice after Zimmerman Acquittal

John Nolte of has provided a timeline of media abuse and dishonesty in coverage of the George Zimmerman / Trayvon Martin case.    It includes misrepresentation of George Zimmerman’s race, which was key in morphing a local shooting incident into a race war, as well as a distraction from national scandals of the Obama administration.The timeline also shows examples of the media editing the 911 call that Zimmerman made, and falsely attributing racist statement to him, in order to whip up racial tensions.

The New York Times chose to cover the verdict in the Zimmerman case with the image of a protester outside the courthouse, a distraught Black woman, Darrsie Jackson  with her  two children, Linzey Stafford and Shauntina Stafford,   continuing the misrepresentation of this case as a racial issue.  Chris Hayes of MSNBC has weighed in with his tweeted opinion of the verdict. The media remains invested in producing a race war.

President Obama, who is perhaps up to 25% Black, depending on which story of his ancestry one believes,  assisted in the effort to divide America by publicizing his affinity for Trayvon Martin.   George Zimmerman, a registered Democrat, who is 12.5%Black, as well as Peruvian, from his mother’s lineage, was painted as a racist thug, who was looking for an opportunity to shoot a Black person.  Obama’s Justice Department’s Community Relations Service  forwarded money and personnel to help organize protestors in an attempt to influence the legal system as it managed the shooting incident. 

The jury has acquitted Zimmerman of the murder charges, but he certainly will not ever be free again.  The threat of retaliatory violence will follow him and his family everywhere, as a direct result of the media malfeasance, and intervention by the Obama administration, which appears to have a vested interest in fomenting racial turmoil in the United States.

Atheists are screeching about Ball State’s Profs who believe in Intelligent design.

The hiring of Astronomy Prof Guillermo Gonzalez by Ball State University in Muncie Indiana has induced the misnamed  “Freedom from Religion Foundation” members to ‘urinate  lava’ once more.  The physical consequences of this inspire the Pharmer to call for them a fire truck as well as a


While unable to understand the inherent contradiction in his organization’s name,  (Atheism is a religion),  attorney Andrew Seidel  has focused his efforts to suppress freedom of thought at educational institutions.

Intelligent design involves a belief that God started the creation of things, but it does not specify a mechanism.  Therefore, those who believe in intelligent design may entertain all sorts of scientific…… T H E O R I E S ….about the mechanisms by which things were brought into existence.  (Dogmatist Atheists, please review the term ‘theory’.)
Creationism is a subset of belief,  under the umbrella of the thought  that God started things, and it  generally purports that He is much more involved in the specific steps of formation and maintenance.
Equating Creationism and Intelligent Design, as Andrew Seidel appears to do, demonstrates a good deal of ignorance of religion, science and philosophy.
Freedom of thought and inquiry at universities has certainly been stifled by intolerant and close minded individuals such as Jeffrey Coyne and Andrew Seidel. There is nothing wrong with suggesting to students that a Creator started things.  The default RELIGIOUS belief of atheists, that things are self initiating and self maintaining, has no physically demonstrable basis, and is as much a BELIEF, as intelligent design or creationism.  Any promulgation of the religious belief, that things created themselves, should be under equal  public scrutiny as the suggestions by Ball State’s other intelligent design proponent, Eric Hedin, who is now under “investigation” for his course content.

Professor Gonzalez should not feel that he has to continue restricting his more expansive thoughts on the origins of things to his blog.

Non News: 74 shot in Chicago over holiday weekend.

Those gun control laws are really amazing.  Chicago, a city with very restrictive gun control reported 74 shootings over the July 4 weekend (4 day period) and 12 people were reported dead.

The media yawned at this news, and continually reported the losses of the airline wreck in San Francisco instead.  Incidentally, Chicago’s  weekend violence dwarfed those two crash  fatalities,  likely because of the construction and  safety  features of the Boeing 777.

Meanwhile,  there has been  a big rush for Illinois to pass concealed carry legislation today, to beat a federal court’s deadline to allow this practice in the state.  The lefties seek to retain significant restrictions, to hamper the ability to carry in public.


Obama Exempts Businesses from Obamacare Mandate Until 2015

Businesses will not have to comply with the Obamacare employer mandates until 2015.  Individuals will still be required to purchase health care insurance or pay a fine.   This gives ALL businesses a chance to drop health care for their employees entirely, which will force many individuals out to the Obamacare exchanges.

This decision, NOT to enforce a major provision of Obamacare, was brought to you by Obama himself, without the review or consent of Congress.   It further cements  the illegal/unconstitutional practice of unilateral executive decisions to NOT enforce existing laws.  Obama has done a fair amount of this.

It was determined that forcing the businesses to purchase health insurance policies at the  new, exorbitant  prices under Obamacare, would be bad for the economy and bad for the Democrats in 2014.   So another disaster of Obamacare was kicked down the road.  The media increasingly has ceased using the term “Obamacare” to describe the (un)Affordable Health Care Act, as they would like to dissociate this debacle from their messiah-in-chief.

The problem is that individuals who are dropped from health coverage by their employer will have to find their own plans.   Insurers, such as Aetna and UHC have been dropping  individual policy offerings in various states, so many will be forced to federal insurance exchanges.  Many states do NOT have those federal exchanges.

Add to this the fact that 47% of the American workforce, more than ever before, has only PART TIME JOBS!!!!  While the government is claiming that employment is up, the proportion of those who are underemployed, is rising fast.  Service industry jobs are up, and generally higher paying production jobs are down.

In short, more people will be without health care insurance, (while  paying extra fines to the government) than ever before.  Obama is hoping that the fallout might hit after 2014 elections.

So the take home final point…… Obama quietly and unilaterally decided not to enforce a major portion of  his train wreck health care program, because it is not good for the democrat party in this next election season.   The fact that Obamacare is not good for Americans is not an issue for him.

Cornel West – Obama has Pushed Blacks to the Back of the Bus

……. in favor of Gays and Lesbians.

It’s at the National Review Online and at Weasel Zippers.   Watch Cornel West HERE.

He seems to have noticed that Black Americans are losing the identity politics game to the LGBT crowd.   Rahm Emanuel pointed out, years ago,  that Gays are the new Jews of fundraising.

Cornel West is noticing Blacks being pushed aside, as  Barack Obama  naturally gravitates  towards the group with which he identifies to a much greater extent.


Only One More Step to Forced Abortion in U.S.A.

We can blame  the religious leaders (for one example, the USCCB)  who  supported the leftist  plan to make us into a socialist state.  We are only one step away from forced abortion in the United States.   That’s right…… only one step away from being just like China.

The CBO has announced that if we pass Trent Franks’ bill H.R. 1797 restricting late term abortions  it could add $ 400 billion  to the federal deficit.   Philip Hodges at Godfather politics points out that this might be the first time that the politicians ever cared about the deficit, now that it can be used to push abortion.

Why?   The Congressional Budget office  projects  that a good portion of the kids that we allow to live will need medicaid for the costs of their birth, and then more welfare benefits for the rest of their lives.    This was brought to you by the “compassionate” religious leaders who wanted to outsource charity to the government until most of the population became dependent on it.

The last step towards forcing women to kill their babies is to make the health care professionals do it.   Once participation in abortion is required for health care practice,  (and we’re already on our way in a number of states),  it will be easy for the government to coerce women to kill their babies.

The Carmen Landau Toilet Abortion Protocol

Number six in the Live Action Late Term Abortion film series “Inhuman” features audio of  Carmen Landau and Shelly Sella of the South West Women’s Options Clinic in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Landau uses lethal injection to kill the baby on day 1, (the counselor describes intracranial injection),  does an ultrasound  examination on day 2 to make sure injection worked, then induces labor for delivery of the dead baby on the third day.

Landau has a hotel toilet abortion protocol for those women who begin to deliver too early in the induction process.  If they start to deliver in the hotel room, they are to sit on the potty  and dial the abortion clinic personnel.  The women are specifically instructed not to dial 911 because that might interrupt the process and change the outcome, particularly if the baby happened to be born alive.

Click to hear for yourself the information which Live Action’s pregnant investigator received about the abortion procedure at Landau’s clinic.

live action inhuman 6th video Carmen Landau


Did you Hear? NYC is Bailing Out on Hybrid Buses

NYC has about 1677 hybrid buses out of a total fleet  of 5719 vehicles.  Unfortunately the cost of maintaining those hybrid engines is very high, and the five year warranty is running out.   The “green”  engines have proven unreliable, and the city is can’t afford to pay for replacements.

The city stopped purchasing hybrid buses three years ago.  There are plans to retrofit 389 of those existing  buses with DIESEL ENGINES!

Why is Douglas Karpen’s Late Term Abortion/Infanticide Clinic Still Open?

Some theories are available from a local videographer in Houston.

It seems that Mayor Annise Parker’s girlfriend, Kathy Hubbard,  is the Campaign Finance Director  for Planned Parenthood of Houston and SE Texas Action Fund Inc. PAC.  That could have something to do with it.

The Houston constables open the gates of Planned Parenthood every morning, and the police dept has understandably  not been enthusiastic to begin investigating the reports of murders (babies killed after birth) at Douglas Karpen’s clinic.

Check out Youtube for a relevent video  with more details.