Your Tax Dollars at Work: Promoting Sadomasochism to Teens

Part of the  Fungible Funds of Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, (which received $2.75 million taxpayer dollars in 2012) are going towards the promotion of sadomasochism and discipline and bondage to Teens.

The Naked Notion Project discusses all sorts of sexual topics in its video series.  The Getting Kinky (BDSM 101) video marks October as national kink month and a good opportunity to talk about bondage and sadomasochism.  BDSM is touted as distinct from abuse, and is claimed  to ‘rely upon and create trust’.

Read more at CNS to see what happened when reporters tried to ask PPNNE president Meagan Gallagher and various legislators from New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont whether tax dollars should fund an effort to promote BDSM to teens.

Can you guess what might fill the time of unemployed teens and young adults if the “educational efforts” of PPNNE take hold?  ‘Shades of Gray’ and maybe black and blue.

And you thought that taxes would be spent to stimulate shovel ready jobs and development of infrastructure.

German Researchers have Discovered Who Will Recycle Jews as Focus of Hate

Researchers Were ‘Very Surprised’ to Discover Few Right-Wingers Sent Anti-Semitic Hate Mail, but Here’s Who Did |

When lefties need to manipulate society in order to take control, they single out a scapegoat group upon which frustrated people can focus their hatred.

The NAZI’s used the Jews for that purpose, and it seems that it’s going to be “Deja Vu All Over Again”.

A German group has corroborated what yours truly has observed.  It’s not the right wing extremists who currently express hatred of Jews.  It’s the Intelligentsia: those ensconced in professional and academic positions as a result of their political correctness.  They sense impending economic destruction and they’re taking out their frustration on the Jews and Israel, (because they’d be afraid to take any other responsible groups to task for the world’s troubles).

Oddly, there are some leftie Jews who seem to relish the abuse.  That’s just too weird.

Obama Unveils “My Brother’s Keeper Initiative” to Derisive Laughter

Sorry, Barrie, this public display of social concern is not going to fly.   Too many people remember the sad tales of your Auntie Zeituni Onyango, Uncle Omar (Onyango Obama), and your very impoverished brother, George Hussein Obama in Nairobi, who petitioned  his ‘brother’ Dinesh D’Souza for help with medical expenses.

Barrie.. you since have sicced the IRS on D’Souza for letting that story out, and for his other criticisms of your hypocritical self.

Your latest  initiative to do something for Black American’s whose unemployment problem has skyrocketed under your administration, using everyone else’s money, is going to earn you more richly deserved disrespect .. DOUBLY so if it is as ineffective as your Obamacare program.

The problem is…….. we can’t decide who is more lame,  you, or the currently stupid Republican establishment, which is going along for the ride with you.

Read more:

Charles Hurt Slams the “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative at Breitbart.  

Abortion Debate at Purdue University March 3rd

Purdue Students for Life are hosting a formal debate between Created Equal’s Director of Training, Seth Drayer and Purdue University’s Professor of Communications Dr. Ralph Webb.
The topic: “Is Abortion a Human Rights Injustice?”
It will be held in Fowler Hall at 6:30 EST, on Monday, March 3rd, and live streamed at, so anyone can see it.
Please spread the word, and tweet it using #abortiondebate on the day of the debate!
Watch the Teaser film HERE.

School Suspends and Charges Student for Father’s Fishing Knife Found in Car

The performance of Northwest High School officials in Clarksville, Tennessee joins the lineup of Stupid Educator Tricks, featured on this blog. The officials  are accompanied by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s dept, which is levying weapons charges against a high school kid who made the mistake of borrowing his father’s car.

David Duren-Sanner’s future is put on hold, because his father, a commercial fisherman, had a fishing knife inside the car, which David parked on school property. David gave permission for a random search of his car to be searched during the school’s lockdown exercise, likely because he had no idea that his father’s knife was there.

Now David has 10 days suspension, 90 days at an alternative school, on probation, and is facing weapons charges. Peggy Duren, David’s grandmother, with whom he is living, claims that this is his first disciplinary trip to the H.S. principal’s office. “Guilty until proven innocent” is how she describes the zero tolerance policy to Clarksville’s News Channel 5.

There is a petition online if you’d like to weigh in on one more whacko method of teaching kids to disrespect authority, exercised by the Northeast high school officials and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s dept.

Or you could click on the name and tell Principal  Galea Jefferies exactly how you feel about the handling of this situation.

Perhaps they should be asked what positive incentive would a kid have to  obey the law, if he can be so heavily  penalized for a normally legal item which is found  in a car that he has borrowed??

North West High School, Clarksville, TN
North West High School, Clarksville, TN

High School Censors Flyer of Pro-life Student Group

Bryce Asberg, the 15 year old founder of Students for Life at Wilson High School, has fought an uphill battle with school officials who are trying to suppress his group’s efforts. The latest affront is censorship of their pro-life flyers, with the claim that they express a potentially offensive agenda. (Click HERE to judge the content of the flyiers for yourself.) Wilson Students for Life has had enough.

Wilson High School, Tacoma Washington is now dealing with a challenge to their censorship of pro-life speech and writing, and the extra work that comes justifying such policies to American citizens who are accustomed to freedom of speech.

The point man for censorship activity against the Students for Life group at Wilson HS is Vice Principal Shane Sliva and he can be contacted at (253-571-6076) or e-mail ( Ask him to cease and desist in his efforts to suppress the speech and activities of the pro-life student group.

Wilson High School Tacoma harassing pro life students
Wilson High School, Tacoma Washington – Contact information. Click the image to ’embiggen’ Everyone loves fan mail. Be gentle.

Girl Scouts USA Threatens LifeNews for Use of Logo

Girl Scouts USA Threatens LifeNews which has been Reporting Its Link to Planned Parenthood |

Life News has published the letter sent by Girl Scouts of America executive Brian Crawford to Steven Ertelt. 

Apparently GSA is feeling the pinch from the Cookiecott, and feels the need to threaten LifeNews for reporting the truth.

Mr. Ertelt responded with another article using the Girl Scout USA logo.   He’s obviously not impressed by the threat.   Perhaps he doubts that GSA will want the extra publicity of their many associations with Planned Parenthood, which would be revealed in a trademark infringement lawsuit.

Biased Sociology Classes and How to Avoid Them.

Anna Chapman reports from the University of South Carolina that her Sociology textbook, by Karen K. Kirst-Ashman, is so extremely biased against political conservatives, “so in your face” that “people need to know about it”.  The book is used for the  Introduction to Social Work Profession and Social Welfare class, which is first in line in the USC social work program.

Selections from the textbook, trashing Ronald Reagan with false claims,  and painting conservatives as anti-woman and anti-charity, reveal the author’s divorce from reality.  Ignoring Reagan’s numerous female appointees, including first women ever appointed to the Supreme Court, UN ambassador, and Secretary of Transportation, the book stated that Reagan “ascribed to women primarily domestic functions, and failed to appoint many women to significant positions of power.”  By the way, Reagan’s HHS secretary was also female.

University of South Carolina  is preparing kids for a low paying career in social work by filling them with information that just isn’t true.  This institution and other universities are defrauding their students by 1) telling them lies, and 2) charging outrageous prices, and 3) encouraging huge indebtedness to prepare people for careers with nearly the lowest return on investment for college graduates.

There are ways to protect yourself from high priced brainwashing in Sociology class, if you need to take it to fulfill a general educational requirement.

Some high schools offer early college, and it seems that many community colleges are not as freakishly leftist as larger universities. You can opt to get a sociology requirement out of way using those options, for less tuition cost.
If you are a decent test taker, use this method to fulfill the requirement. Pretend you are a flaming leftist while taking the CLEP test. The evil “Teddy Kennedy” persona got a 98 percentile on the sociology CLEP test that your friendly Pharmer took. CLEP testing is still the cheapest and best option for earning college credit to fulfill general requirements.  Don’t forget to review a glossary or summary of sociology terminology and buzzwords before testing, or skim a textbook if you have a strong stomach. You can guess at the bogus study results and do OK.

These avoidance strategies are a form of boycott, and serve to shrink a detrimental academic industry. Never pay full tuition prices to have your mind filled with Crap.

CA Law Banning Gay Conversion Therapy Put on Hold Pending Appeal to Supreme Court

CA Law Banning Gay Conversion Therapy Put on Hold Pending Appeal to Supreme Court

Both California and New Jersey have passed laws which ban therapy for the purpose of converting a person to straight lifestyle.

Giacomo, at Godfather Politics notes that Chris Christie signed that New Jersey law.   Most notably, there are no laws against therapists who convert sexually confused people to the gay lifestyle.   This inconsistency is an immediate basis for declaring the ban on converting people to straightness to be unconstitutional.

Wonder of wonders, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has put the California ban on hold until the U.S. Supreme Court rules on the appeal brought by Liberty Counsel. 

Wacoal My Beautiful Woman

Wacoal My Beautiful Woman.

One of the vids from this series was featured at Jill Stanek’s blog, but there are more.

Wacoal is a large conglomerate, known for ladies’  lingerie, which started out as Wako Corporation in Japan.  Its subsidiary in Thailand is celebrating the beauty and courage of women.

Take a refreshing break from such nastiness as Cecile Richards and her abortion valentines, and watch the stories of heroic women in Thailand.  It’ll make you “happy happy happy”!