The Concept of Rape Insurance

Michigan’s ‘Rape Insurance’ Law Limiting Abortion Coverage Takes Effect – Government – Royal Oak, MI Patch.

Apparently the leftists believe that others should be forced to pay for a woman’s abortion, and that this constitutes “rape insurance”.

A Michigan bill to excuse tax payers from covering abortions is being called “rape insurance bill ” by abortion supporters.

Rape Insurance!

It is as though they are admitting that abortion functions as a rape facilitator, after the fact, particularly with the abortion clinics failing to report obvious crimes against underage girls.

Another thing that could be derived from the claims in the above linked article:  the precipitous rise in cost of abortions seems to have drastically outstripped the rate of inflation.  There are claims that a woman could spend tens of thousands of dollars on an abortion, now.  Perhaps the voracious greed of abortionists is a reason for the falling abortion rates in the U.S..

West Virginia Abortion Clinic Fails to Report Pregnant 11 Year Old

Of all the health care providers who came in contact with the 11 year old daughter of Michael and Amanda Adkins, only the Charleston abortion clinic failed to contact authorities regarding her pregnancy.

WSAZ reporters concluded that the law in West Virginia allows the abortion clinic to not report pregnant 11 year olds as statutory rape.  They claim that Ohio law has been vague in this area also.  In Kentucky, a pregnancy for an 11 year old is automatically classified as the result of first degree rape, and therefore must be reported.

Two weeks after the abortion, the parents took  the girl to the physician who first noted her pregnancy, telling him that there were symptoms of a miscarriage.  Without knowing of the abortion, he performed a D&C, which should have been an unnecessary procedure, compounding medical risk for the girl.

Perhaps the parents wanted to be absolutely certain that no baby remained, because, as has been later discovered, incest was involved.  Michael Adkins has been indicted for sexual assault, sexual abuse and incest, and Amanda is charged with obstruction and intimidation of a witness.

Abortionists have frequently  fought against requirements to report sexual abuse and statutory rape, because those things result in demand for their services $$$.

Pool Whizz Chemistry

Other than the worry that people are increasingly unable to keep themselves clean,  there’s another problem associated with swimming in public pools.

Research out of China Agricultural University and Purdue University purports that the uric acid of urine can react with chlorine in public pools to produce cyanogen chloride (an agent of chemical warfare) and trichloramine, both of which could cause  health liabilities, with significant exposure.

This survey purports that 19 percent of Americans admit to having peed in public pools, while Michael Phelps informs us that Olympic swimmers do it all the time due to the need for uninterrupted training.

Perhaps the  pool where athletes train is not your best bet for water quality.  😛

With Age, Kids Might Lose Ability to Figure out How Gadgets Work

Study: Preschoolers Better At Figuring Out How Gadgets Work Than College Students « CBS Atlanta.

Researchers at Berkeley claims to have found that little kids can figure out how to operate an unfamiliar gadget faster than college students can.  Their study pitted a group of 106 preschoolers between ages 4-5, against 170 college students.  They had to figure out how to get a box to light up and play music.  The little kids were more likely to ‘break the rules’ and put two objects into a single receptacle  to cause the gadget to light up.

Without information concerning the study design, it’s not possible to conclude much from this study, but the purported results are amusing.   The Berkeley researchers seem to have accidentally stumbled on something that this blogger has long suspected.  Modern educational methods seem to be impeding creativity and curtailing outside-the-box thinking.  Many kids are losing IQ points from exposure to some of today’s dumbed down “educators”.


Three Bronx Pharmacists Accused of Paying HIV Patients Not to Take Drugs

………and charging the government for the cost of the prescriptions NOT being filled.  Owner of 184th Street Pharmacy, Ahmed Hamed, and pharmacists Mohamed Hasan Ahmed and Tarek Elsayed were arrested and charged with defrauding the New York Medicaid program, theft, and money laundering.  They allegedly charged Medicaid 9.8 million dollars for prescriptions which were not being filled, and paying indigent AIDS patients a kickback for not taking their meds.

Read more HERE. 

War on Women: Alan Grayson’s Wife has Had Enough

There’s some soap opera drama surfacing in the life of Alan Grayson, leftie wildman of Florida, known for his outrageous attacks on his political opposition.

He had unleashed such an amazing ad against 2010 opponent Daniel Webster that yours truly had thought it could backfire, and it did.

That ad inspired the hilarious parody available HERE.

Could it beeeeee SATAN??!
Could it beeeeee SATAN??!

Unfortunately in 2012, Grayson ran after a district was redrawn for him, and returned to congress.

On to the soap opera. Grayson’t wife Lolita has filed for divorce, say the folks at Hot Air.  Most recently, a judge has granted a temporary protective injunction against crazy Grayson, in response to paperwork from Lolita, alleging injuries sustained after being shoved against a door by her soon to be ex-husband. She has submitted photos showing bruises to her leg and shoulder, and alleges that from time to time Grayson has battered her and the kids.  She states that Grayson has told her (in front of the children) that she would receive nothing in the divorce and would be left in the gutter.
There are more recent tweets from the relieved Grayson staff indicating that domestic violence charges have been dropped, today.

Lolita Grayson wouldn’t be receiving any support from her feminist sisters.   Domestic violence and general crazy behavior has always been OK with them as long as the perp supports abortion.

UPDATE:  It appears that Grayson’s 18 year old daughter, Skye, supported her father in this case, claiming that her mother started the altercation.  Skye is the same one arrested in November of 2013, for battering her mother, and pulling out the phone cord when she dialed 911.

11 % of Americans Think HTML is a Sexually Transmitted Disease.

They’re yukking it up at the LA Times, having found that many computer technology specific acronyms are not understood by most Americans.  The big Headliner is that a segment of the population confused HTML (hypertext markup language) with an STD.  Unlike the reporter at the Times…….. Pharmer has an idea why HTML brought  up infection in the minds of at least some of these people.  There really is a sexually transmitted infection called HTLV.  Yep…….. three initials in common with HTML.  It’s Human T Lymphotropic Virus. One of the types (HTLV I ) of this retroviral group  is associated with increased incidences of adult T cell leukemia and various other maladies.  It’s  an endemic problem in some parts of Asia, and of ongoing concern to the people who handle blood donations and banking.

School Firedrill Forces Freshman in Swimsuit Out into Frozen Wasteland

“Minnesota School Freezes Live Student”, says National Review.

After a couple of generations of lefties controlling public schools, students are taught to be sheep by educators who were taught to be sheep.  Natural selection will not be kind.

Winter temperatures regularly dip below zero degrees F in Minnesota, but human adaptation to this appears to be incomplete.  When  Como Park High School in St. Paul  experienced an unplanned  fire drill, 14 year old Kayona Hagen-Tietz was forced to stand outside for 10 minutes in a wet bathing suit.  Yes, it is bad news to jump from the swimming pool and stand outside barefoot in the winter.  (A teacher had apparently prevented her from retrieving her clothes). Como Park has rules, so students can’t jump into a teacher’s car to stay warm, and Kayona was not permitted to run to the nearby elementary school.  Fortunately some students gave her a sweatshirt for her feet and huddled around her.   A teacher gave her a jacket. They had to seek special permission to let Kayona sit in a car until the fire drill was over.

That  unfortunately took too long.  Kayona now has frostbite, and her mother comments that she would be legally penalized for treating her child as the school did.