The Concept of Rape Insurance

Michigan’s ‘Rape Insurance’ Law Limiting Abortion Coverage Takes Effect – Government – Royal Oak, MI Patch.

Apparently the leftists believe that others should be forced to pay for a woman’s abortion, and that this constitutes “rape insurance”.

A Michigan bill to excuse tax payers from covering abortions is being called “rape insurance bill ” by abortion supporters.

Rape Insurance!

It is as though they are admitting that abortion functions as a rape facilitator, after the fact, particularly with the abortion clinics failing to report obvious crimes against underage girls.

Another thing that could be derived from the claims in the above linked article:  the precipitous rise in cost of abortions seems to have drastically outstripped the rate of inflation.  There are claims that a woman could spend tens of thousands of dollars on an abortion, now.  Perhaps the voracious greed of abortionists is a reason for the falling abortion rates in the U.S..

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  1. It's the victim's fault anyway, right?? That baby is a perp, according to the abortoholics

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