Abortion Coercion by the Dept. of Human Services in PA?

Did DHS pressure teen to get abortion? | Philadelphia Daily News | 05/03/2010.

The attempt to squelch this story indicates that it is  true.

A 16 year old foster child, pregnant for the second time,  is said  to have been told that her first child would be taken from her if she did not get a late term abortion.  According to the news report, this claim comes from her foster mother and  her social worker, formerly employed by Concilio and subcontracted by DHS.

The girl  was eventually taken from school to a clinic in  New Jersey because abortions at 24 weeks are not permitted in Pennsylvania.

The Philadelphia daily news gives  a detailed coverage of this story, and VERY IMPORTANTLY,  notes the attempt by the Dept of Human Services to have the story squelched.

This story is spreading fast in the prolife news venues,  but  hasn’t been spotted by the Pharmer on national  wires yet.

The long report is worth reading for the main story of abortion  coercion,  the claim that the social worker, Marisol Rivera, was fired for refusing to take the girl for an abortion,  and some  DHS  statistics enumerating the abortions in which they have played a role.