Is Your Mayor a Gun Grabber?

Find out if your mayor joined Michael Bloombergs Cadre of gun grabbers ” Mayors Against Illegal Guns“.

News of this organization has gone viral and about 50 of the mayors have bailed out of the organization.

The MAIG website has tried to hide their list of members but not to worry…. the Way Back Machine sees all, and you can too!

There are several gun grabbing mayors in Indiana, in the blue cities of course.  Check the list!   

gun grabbing mayors -Indiana as of 1-7-14
gun grabbing mayors -Indiana as of 1-7-14

Let your Mayor know what you think!

French Same Sex Parenting Law Stopped

……. after a big pro-family swell of protests in France and in other parts of Europe.

Dr. Susan Berry reports at Breitbart, that the plans of Francois Hollande to allow assisted reproduction for lesbian couples and surrogacy for gay men have come to a screeching halt.  Many socially conservative groups came together to protest the “modernization” of family law.

La Manif Pour Tous is a group that has joined disparate religious and social groups together against same sex marriage legislation in Europe, and they have fought a successful battle against the latest plans of President Hollande.

Jean-Pierre Delaume-Myard, a gay man who speaks out for La Manif Pour Tous, explained that the majority of homosexuals have not been pushing for these kinds of laws, and in fact, only 4 percent of them have taken  advantage of the legalization of civil unions in France.

Delaume-Myard asserts that children are the “first victims” of same-sex marriage.  “It deprives them of a father and a mother.  The desire to have a child by a homosexual cannot justify any kind of solution to fill this gap.  Every child has the right to have a father and a mother”.  He added that assisted procreation  ‘turns women and children into mere commodities’.

Short message: only the minority of people with homosexual orientation are on board with  the agenda that the leftists have planned for their lives.

What your Health Care Professional Doesn’t Know about Abortion-Breast Cancer Link

A major source of Continuing Education, which Pharmer utilizes for keeping updated,  and which serves both pharmacists and physicians, had downgraded the concept of linkage between abortion and breast cancer to the status of “rumor”.  This was done in the face of a large body of peer reviewed research, and meta analyses which had produced conflicting results.

Under normal circumstances, a competent educator would conclude that there is a possible link, but that so far the analysis of data is conflicting or inconclusive.  Further study is warranted.  If an educator were not invested  in the ideology that at least one abortion is a necessary female rite of passage into the Pentagonal Order of the Gaia Green Sisterhood, health professionals would be advised to be alert to the possibility of abortion breast cancer linkage and await further results.

Well, a new meta analysis from China is out now, showing a stronger link between abortion and breast cancer, as well as a sort of dose effect (the later the abortion, the bigger the linkage). Click on the image below, or click this link to see the reference.

Pharmer has not paid great attention to the theory of abortion breast cancer linkage, because so many abortion customers likely have such a high risk tolerance, that a 30 or 40 percent increase in the rate of breast cancer would be meaningless to them. It might be more useful to a woman who has been  impregnated against her will, rather than as a result of willingly assuming personal risk. Public policy makers might have more interest in that linkage, as an impetus to control health care costs.  The current crop generally  likes population control and abortion so much that they are unlikely to be swayed.

This example is supplied mostly to inform people that their health care professionals are often being “educated” by ideologues rather than dispassionate purveyors of medical information.   Consequently, the things that your health care professional tells you might be fairly inaccurate, or even opposite of the truth.

Meta-analysis of Chinese Abortion-Breast Cancer linkage Studies 2-2014
Meta-analysis of Chinese Abortion-Breast Cancer linkage Studies 2-2014

In conclusion, abortion (and late child bearing) probably do have a positive association with the increased breast cancer rate, but as always, further study is warranted.  It’s not such a big deal that a person should need Xanax three times a day due to anxiety over breast cancer, but getting the mammograms and being a bit more vigilant would help if either of these life style options applied to you.

Your friendly Pharmer thinks that there are much bigger reasons to avoid abortion.

Related: What your Pharmacist Doesn’t Know about Plan B.

Statistician Patrick Carroll Did the Math analyzing possible breast cancer risk factors in Europe

Etiology of Leftism

Apparently Cher’s mom, Georgia Holt, the veteran of many divorces and remarriages, had scheduled the abortion of her daughter.  Obviously she didn’t go through with it.  Apparently Cher also spent some time in an orphanage.  Read more at the Blaze.

It seems that so many leftists have a traumatic early life, and seem unable to recover from the damage. Cher appears to have become whackier with age, or perhaps it’s  just out of the closet.

A new category, Etiology of Leftism,  will be dedicated to such stories.

What does an Old Mesopotamian Tablet Mean to Leftists?

Why This Might be ‘One of the Most Important Human Documents Ever Discovered’ |

There’s big  debate over at The Blaze about the decoding of an ancient tablet which describes a vessel designed to save species from a great flood.

To the academicians, this tablet does not support the Biblical account of Noah’s ark, but rather is evidence that the story originates in Babylon.

The lefties are crowing, saying that this tablet somehow invalidates the Bible, calling it PROOF that the Noah’s ark did not exist.

This claim presupposes that ideas never occur more than once, which flies in the face of everyday experience.
Finding an older tablet of specifications for a big boat to preserve life from a flood does not “prove” the non-existence of a later prototype.
The suggestion that it does would imply that discovering the  drawings of Da Vinci  would somehow “prove” that the aircraft built by the Wright brothers never existed, to a person studying the history of air travel  a thousand years from now.

Possibly such leftie logic, exemplified above, will be extinguished before the next millenium, due to natural selection 😉

The anti-Bible and anti-Creator religions are based upon unprovable beliefs, and are based upon faith in the unseen, and things which cannot be objectively established. They are quite divorced from the scientific method, though the word “science” is frequently abused as a mantra in these religions.

Abortion Barbie, Wendy Davis Bailed on her Kids has focused on inaccuracies in the bio of Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis, which misrepresents some of the “hard times” of her life, and depicts her as a divorced teen mom.  It seems her first divorce was not until age 21.  Another interesting milestone is that her second divorce appears to coincide with the final payment on her Harvard Law School student loan.  Impeccable timing.

The more salient point is the fact that Ms. Davis left her daughter Amber, by her first  marriage, and her second daughter, Dru, in the custody of husband number 2 after her second divorce.  Yep……. mom bailed on the kids.   What a gal.

Remember the lefties complaining about Palin’s supposedly neglecting her kids as she campaigned with McCain in 2008??   Palin’s family and her marriage remain intact, to this day.    Will you hear the same lefties commenting about Wendy Davis (who gained undying love from Girl Scouts of America  with her infamous pro-abortion filibuster) leaving  her daughters in the custody of her ex husband while she pursued her political ambitions?

Not a chance. It’s as OK for a left-gurl to abandon her daughters as it is to abort them.

Abortion barbie pic from Evilbloggerlady, who mentions Ms. Davis's claim that she has mental health issues brought on by media criticism.
Abortion Barbie pic from Evilbloggerlady, who mentions Ms. Davis’s claim that she has mental health issues brought on by media criticism.

Earlier story with some more details in the Houston Chronicle  (Sept 2, 2013)

Red State claims that Wendy’s second husband got a judge to order her not to use illegal drugs or alcohol before visiting the kids.

Dallas News Wendy Davis Interactive Timeline

How Wendy came to be known as Abortion Barbie

Red State has documented that a Judge issued a restraining order to regulate the behavior of Wendy Davis when she visited her kids. Find it at Scribd or a  screen shot here, if that one disappears.

At this link is a copy of a lawsuit Wendy filed against the Fort Worth Star-Telegram for criticizing her during a campaign for City Council. She lost that suit and the TX Supreme Court refused to hear it.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Your friendly Blogger has a general policy of diverting discretionary expenses, and even some others, away from suppliers and merchandisers who oppose the conservative American lifestyle.  Few people can be 100% successful at this, but it helps to give it a good try.

Six years ago, the Pharmer decided not to send her kid to New York City on a school class trip.  Basically the class trip was a “shopper driven” choice, and the money expended was not commensurate with the educational value.  In addition, the people of NYC had persistently been supporting very leftist politicians and policies which are not tolerant of a conservative lifestyle.  Bloomberg, for example, ordered the medical schools in NYC to train ob-gyn residents to do abortions, took hostile action against crisis pregnancy centers, doled out the ineffective Plan B  to school kids and in general, acted as an intolerant busybody leftist.  There was sufficient reason to avoid sending hard earned, discretionary funds to New York City.

Since then, New York City has elected an even crazier and less competent mayor, and the governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo, has plainly stated that pro-lifers are not welcome in his state. 

Governor Andrew Cuomo says Right to Life people are not welcome in New York
Governor Andrew Cuomo says Right to Life people are not welcome in New York


Pharmer had already understood the general situation, and  will continue to withhold funds as much as possible from both NYC and the state.  It is suggested to the remaining conservatives in New York that they seriously consider emigration.  Yours truly will support refugee and sanctuary programs for genuine, conservative emigrants from New York. These programs are viewed as necessary because New York has a reputation for pursuing  emigrants for taxes.

Update: Radio host Sean Hannity announces that he will leave New York State, in response to Andrew Cuomo’s anti conservative rant, and of course the astronomical state taxes.

Phil Painted A&E Into a Corner

Duck  -Roasted Duck Drudge 12-19-13

A&E execs are the losers, that’s for sure. Pharmer thinks their self destruction has been pre-ordained. If it had not been touched off by the G Q interview of Phil’s it would have been his next, or the one after that. He’s going to let A&E do themselves in.
Pharmer would like to congratulate Phil Robertson for getting it done. He has probably been tired of A&E’s management of the show, and the general encroachment of the show on the rest of his time. By this time, Phil and his family could do the kind of shows that they want, better and more efficiently than A&E. The Robertson family is made up of smarter people than the A&E execs, as exemplified by their painting that network into a totally LOSING situation.
After Duck Dynasty, A&E will shrink to nothing, (look at the rest of their programming to see why), and Duck Commander will forge on, bigger than ever.
Incidentally, not all of the gay people are needing or wanting the kind of “defense” that comes from A&E, or the nuts from GLAAD. Plenty of them realize that killing free speech of those who don’t agree with homosexual acts, can eventually lead to their own loss of personal freedom. Social trends and fashions are always in a state of flux. The First Amendment is a good thing for everybody.
Gay adult siding with Phil’s free speech rights.

Duck Storm Drudge 12-19-13Keeping up:
A statement from the Robertson Family regarding the controversy. They can’t imagine filming Duck Dynasty without Phil.
Future Options for Duck Commander Family
Brandon Ambrosino asks why the opposition has to be dismissed rather than engaged.
Truthrevolt coverage ……
and petition
Stand with Phil on Twitter
Facebook Support Page for Phil
Gay adult siding with Phil’s free speech rights.

A & E’s Big Stink Concerning Phil Robertson Proves Leftist’s Comprehension Deficit

The inability of leftists to process language is exemplified by the big stink being raised by activist groups, and the decision by A&E Network to suspend Phil Robertson from the Duck Dynasty Show.

GLAAD and other leftist groups are whining a claim that Phil compared their sexual activities to bestiality.   There is no such comparison.   The statement which they could not understand audibly or in writing, was a listing of various  practices (some of them not even pertaining to sex)  which Christians regard as sinful.

The source of controversy comes from Phil’s interview with GQ Magazine from which these quotes were obtained.

First is a list of sexual practices which Christians are instructed to avoid as sin, with homosexual behavior being part of a broader list.  No comparison is made here.

“Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men.”

If any leftists would like a lesson in how to identify or construct comparative sentences in English, Pharmer can help. (This blog is written by Pharmer only, on the fly, with no editorial assistance.)

Next came the much broader list of behaviors which Christians view as morally wrong and sinful. Note that, as above, that it contains both homosexual and heterosexual mis-behaviors as well as various other forms of sin.

 “Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers — they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right.”

In all of the available interview material, Pharmer noted that Phil was entirely self consistent to address homosexual behavior only, and avoid any rejection or castigation  of individuals simply because of  homosexual orientation.  Throughout the back and forth, the Robertson patriarch clearly demonstrated higher intelligence and facility with the language than did his critics. He  also demonstrated a greater respect for human rights, and an understanding of his own function within Christianity.

Phil’s followup statement  “I myself am a product of the ’60s; I centered my life around sex, drugs and rock and roll until I hit rock bottom and accepted Jesus as my Savior. My mission today is to go forth and tell people about why I follow Christ and also what the Bible teaches, and part of that teaching is that women and men are meant to be together. However, I would never treat anyone with disrespect just because they are different from me. We are all created by the Almighty and like Him, I love all of humanity. We would all be better off if we loved God and loved each other.”

The message that we get from the leftist activists and from A&E is that Christians are not to speak their beliefs in public. We directly experience their judgmental and oppressive nature.

A&E has forgotten the reason why millions of people even know they exist, and that reason is Duck Dynasty.  The network execs do not realize that they need the Robertsons more than the Robertsons need them.

Pharmer has no cable television and never viewed anything from A&E before learning of Duck Dynasty.  After that show ceases, there will be no reason to purchase anything else from that network.  It’s likely that several million others feel the same way.  We will be looking forward to future productions from the Duck Commander crew when they have freed themselves from A&E.

There is a need now, more than ever, for Christians to direct  their financial resources towards those entities which tolerate or support their beliefs and  lifestyle choices.

Liberals Sexing Blindly

The latest Leftie study might have been perfect for the Journal of Irreproducible Results, but it’s no joke to the researchers.  They’re worried about the adverse consequences of men’s gaze upon the forms of attractive females.  Naturally, the liberals are wanting to ban this activity, which is regarded as the “objectifying gaze”.   Likely the damaging result is not so much for those being gazed at, but for those who are mad about being ignored. Patrick Howley at the Daily Caller is not about to surrender to the left, or give up his naturally motivated and  happy sport of ogling the ladies.  He has concluded that the lefties are losers who “will fall by the wayside”, and the more hormonally vigorous “conservatives will own the future”.
Rush Limbaugh discussed the nanny state, and the liberals who want to control every single facet of our lives, from what we drink to whether we get health care, and even what our thoughts are, while our eyeballs are at play.  Naturally the big guy on the right lent gravitas to the topic, and the DNC thinks that he armed them with a fundraiser when he addressed the “war on gazing”.  Remarking on the proposed censuring of male’s eyes wandering in the direction of female breasts, he proposed a possible line that men could use in self defense if a woman objects to his gaze:  “I’m sorry.  Would you please ask your breasts to stop staring at my eyes?”

Pharmer notes that there is a double standard among the lefties regarding the war on women.   It is not acceptable for conservatives to gaze at women.  They’re too much more likely to have long term reproductive success. The OBJECTIFYING gaze is only acceptable if done by men e.g. Clinton and Obama, who will support abortion and pay for it with YOUR money. It’s OK for those kinds of guys to go a lot further than Gazing. The leftie women are just THAT thrilled to have guaranteed free birth control and abortions.

clinton stimulus
leftgurls loved Clinton stimulus 

But the weirdest thing is  the lib concept of how the opposite sexes (or maybe even the same sexes)  should interact in the seeking, prelude  and sexual encounters.  NO PEEKING.  This might guarantee equal outcomes for the less physically attractive.  Perhaps the utopian sexual encounters will be group affairs, with all participants blindfolded,  and in orchestrated maneuvers reminiscent of a game of  musical chairs,  having sex with whatever warm body is in proximity. No lookie, no kissie, no touchie, except for what is sexual “necessity”.

Ladies, those libs plan to make existence equally joyless for all of us, and the men too.