Staying Ahead of the Curve

Your friendly Blogger has a general policy of diverting discretionary expenses, and even some others, away from suppliers and merchandisers who oppose the conservative American lifestyle.  Few people can be 100% successful at this, but it helps to give it a good try.

Six years ago, the Pharmer decided not to send her kid to New York City on a school class trip.  Basically the class trip was a “shopper driven” choice, and the money expended was not commensurate with the educational value.  In addition, the people of NYC had persistently been supporting very leftist politicians and policies which are not tolerant of a conservative lifestyle.  Bloomberg, for example, ordered the medical schools in NYC to train ob-gyn residents to do abortions, took hostile action against crisis pregnancy centers, doled out the ineffective Plan B  to school kids and in general, acted as an intolerant busybody leftist.  There was sufficient reason to avoid sending hard earned, discretionary funds to New York City.

Since then, New York City has elected an even crazier and less competent mayor, and the governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo, has plainly stated that pro-lifers are not welcome in his state. 

Governor Andrew Cuomo says Right to Life people are not welcome in New York
Governor Andrew Cuomo says Right to Life people are not welcome in New York


Pharmer had already understood the general situation, and  will continue to withhold funds as much as possible from both NYC and the state.  It is suggested to the remaining conservatives in New York that they seriously consider emigration.  Yours truly will support refugee and sanctuary programs for genuine, conservative emigrants from New York. These programs are viewed as necessary because New York has a reputation for pursuing  emigrants for taxes.

Update: Radio host Sean Hannity announces that he will leave New York State, in response to Andrew Cuomo’s anti conservative rant, and of course the astronomical state taxes.

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