Think Twice Before Calling Cops. Is the Risk Worthwhile?

The cops seem to be much more likely to use extreme or disproportionate force if news trends have any relationship to reality.

Samantha Ramsey is dead at age 19 after trying to leave a field party in Hebron, Kentucky.  This conflicting story is moving into national news, likely because both accounts of police action seem to indicate the use of inappropriate force.  The police account states that the Ramsey refused to stop her car as ordered, rammed the officer, Tyler Brockman, propelling him onto on the hood.  The cop drew his gun and shot four times into the car (with three occupants), killing Ramsey, the driver. One of the occupants disputes the police story, and claims that he was not rammed, and that  he jumped on the hood and shot first. The officer in question is now on administrative leave, and the Sheriff’s office is keeping quiet about the incident, thus far.

Another party crasher story details the firing of Tennessee cop, Frank Phillips, who choked a non-resisting student who was being arrested for disorderly partying.  Photos taken by a freelance photographer seem to indicate clearly that there was no justification for rendering the student unconscious while he was being cuffed. The Knox County Sheriff demoted all of the officers associated with this particular incident.  (It IS an election year).

The DC Clothesline blog, details other recent cases of police over-kill, including separate incidents of two teens killed by cops who were summoned for assistance.  In another case, an elderly man was beaten by cops, and now  faces charges after he called an ambulance for help with his wife’s behavior.  The woman, who suffers from dementia, has been removed to a nursing facility, while the man is suing cops for assault.

The take home?  Militarized style police raids and disproportionate uses of force have risen precipitously.  Calling the cops could result in unnecessary injury or fatalities.  Think twice about whether the call is worth the risk.


Lawsuit by Slaves for Obamacare: Working Unpaid Overtime

Lawsuit by Obamacare call center trainers alleges unpaid overtime – The Denver Post.

Nine Obamacare exchange call center workers have filed suit   against Maximus, a company which has contracted to provide services for the federal government.  They allege being forced to work overtime without pay, and to put in over 60 hour weeks, with skipped breaks and lunches. The company is said to have incorrectly classified the workers, who apparently have no managerial duties,  as exempt from overtime.  The Federal lawsuit filed in U.S. district court cites violations of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. It is thought that the conditions cited in the lawsuit  could apply to thousands of other misclassified workers.

Martin Haskell’s Sharonville, Ohio Clinic Shut Down

Operation Rescue brings news of the Ohio Dept. of Health shutting down Women’s Med Center, a  Cincinnati area abortion clinic, run by the infamous Martin Haskell.  It is expected to be shuttered on Feb 4, this year.

Haskell was a nationally known  proponent of the now illegal partial birth abortion method which involved a face-down, partial breech delivery, and puncturing the head of the baby before it had fully exited  the vaginal canal.

A history of problems accompanied Haskell’s abortion practices, some documented by Operation Rescue. Haskell’s remaining Dayton clinic still operates under a similar variance, as that which allowed the operation of the Sharonville clinic.  Two of Haskell’s abortionists, Walter T. Bowers and Roslyn Kade have lost admitting priveleges.  Haskell replaced them with Chandra Gravely and Cindy Hansel, who have also been accused of negligence, and share at least seven malpractice suits between them, since 2000. Haskell failed to notify ODH of the two back up abortionists, and of their credentialing and disciplinary issues in a timely manner.  These and other difficulties have led to the order to close the Women’s Med Center.

Read the ODH order here. 

Cincinnati Right to Life has also reported on the closure.

Did George Zimmerman get away with murder? No. Juror B29 is being framed. – Slate Magazine

Did George Zimmerman get away with murder? No. Juror B29 is being framed. – Slate Magazine.

Above are the headlines which were automatically generated when the WordPress “Press This” button was pushed on William Saletan’s  article on ABC’s treatment of  Juror B29, ‘Maddy’.

Going to the article itself, there is an apparent change, and the milder look is shown below.  The discrepancy is probably due to a need to keep the original link URLS and tags, after editors tone down the appearance of the article itself.

zimmerman hung juror Slate article grab 7-26-13

Aside from that apparent change, William Saletan has provided a good analysis of media bias coming from ABC. Their video cutting and editing provides an impression that juror B-29 thought Zimmerman was guilty of murder, but had to acquit due to the letter of the law.

When a less edited video is heard or viewed, it is apparent that the juror understood that Zimmerman was guilty of killing Trayvon, (an undisputed fact of the case) but that this was not manslaughter or second degree murder because no Intention to kill was apparent.  Saletan tells us that ABC interviewer put the phrase “got away with murder” in Maddie’s mouth.   She was repeating it  (vid link) as she analyzed the question being put to her.

Saletan gets a thumbs up for analyzing the media treatment of this case in a dispassionate way.  Click his link and read for yourself. 

You’ll meet a juror who wanted to find Zimmerman guilty of the killing, out of sympathy for the victim and his family, but knew that the charges did not fit the situation.  She put aside her feelings and  and conscientiously interpreted the law.  You will also see the ill effects she is suffering, now that she is aware of the government-fomented race war which has been generated from this case.

Rachel Jeantel Revealed a Possible Motive for Trayvon to have Accosted Zimmerman

The federal government has a vested interest in pushing a race war to divide Americans and keep our eyes off their criminal activities in Washington.

What we have learned from one of the jurors in the trial is that race was not pertinent to their deliberations.  We also learned from Trayvon’s friend, Rachel Jeantel, who was on the phone with him during the incident, that race was not a factor in their altercation.

When Trayvon reported to Rachel that he was being followed by a “creepy ass cracka”, she suggested to him that Zimmerman might be some kind of same sex rapist, and told him to run.  Jeantel thought it significant that Trayvon’s little brother was residing with his father  in that neighborhood.

This testimony was given during the trial and again, during  a public interview with Piers Morgan.  You have the opportunity to listen to Rachel HERE. 

Rachel Jeantel interviewed on CNN
Rachel Jeantel interviewed on CNN

What we now know is that Trayvon was not the kind of guy to run away.

Leftist incompetence is on parade.  The Obama administration has chosen to make a race war out of a violent incident between two mixed race guys, and the issue which brought about the violence had nothing to do with their different proportions of Black ancestry.   Rachel tells us that she and  Trayvon thought  that Zimmerman was likely a homosexual rapist.

Which of the two special interest groups, Gays or Blacks,  will be thrown under the bus as the government utilizes the Zimmerman case to push its agenda.

When the video at Mediaite disappears,  the audio remains…….Jeantel interview with Piers Morgan: feared zimmerman was a rapist

Breitbart: Al Sharpton Tells Us How He Brought Zimmerman to Trial

You can hear the details at AL Sharpton explains that the Zimmerman prosecution was not based on the merits of the case. It was Sharpton and the feds who pressured the local government to bring about this trial, and he tells all on the Tom Joyner Show.

REV. AL SHARPTON: “Let’s not act like we got in the Florida case because of the merits, we got there by rallying, by protesting and by raising the issue.

TOM JOYNER: That’s true. That’s right.”

Al Sharpton assures us that he is not finished with Zimmerman, though he remains completely uninterested in the carnage which occurs in such cities as Chicago and Detroit.

If the Breitbart linked audio stops working, then try this:  al sharpton takes credit for zimmerman trial 7-13

Extra note:  Jesse Jackson has been caught complaining that Trayvon did not get a trial by his peers.   Jackson completely forgot that those Constitutional protections applied to Zimmerman, because he was the one who was on trial, not Trayvon.


Media Continues Malpractice after Zimmerman Acquittal

John Nolte of has provided a timeline of media abuse and dishonesty in coverage of the George Zimmerman / Trayvon Martin case.    It includes misrepresentation of George Zimmerman’s race, which was key in morphing a local shooting incident into a race war, as well as a distraction from national scandals of the Obama administration.The timeline also shows examples of the media editing the 911 call that Zimmerman made, and falsely attributing racist statement to him, in order to whip up racial tensions.

The New York Times chose to cover the verdict in the Zimmerman case with the image of a protester outside the courthouse, a distraught Black woman, Darrsie Jackson  with her  two children, Linzey Stafford and Shauntina Stafford,   continuing the misrepresentation of this case as a racial issue.  Chris Hayes of MSNBC has weighed in with his tweeted opinion of the verdict. The media remains invested in producing a race war.

President Obama, who is perhaps up to 25% Black, depending on which story of his ancestry one believes,  assisted in the effort to divide America by publicizing his affinity for Trayvon Martin.   George Zimmerman, a registered Democrat, who is 12.5%Black, as well as Peruvian, from his mother’s lineage, was painted as a racist thug, who was looking for an opportunity to shoot a Black person.  Obama’s Justice Department’s Community Relations Service  forwarded money and personnel to help organize protestors in an attempt to influence the legal system as it managed the shooting incident. 

The jury has acquitted Zimmerman of the murder charges, but he certainly will not ever be free again.  The threat of retaliatory violence will follow him and his family everywhere, as a direct result of the media malfeasance, and intervention by the Obama administration, which appears to have a vested interest in fomenting racial turmoil in the United States.

Late Term Abortion has a Cover Girl in Texas

Texas state senator, Wendy Davis, has volunteered to be the poster girl of late term abortion by attempting to filibuster a bill which would limit abortion to 20 weeks, and also put in place some regulations regarding hospital admitting privileges for abortionists. Leftists feared that this would have forced closure of dozens of abortion clinics, so they mounted a vigorous and disorderly protest, which turned out to be what eventually killed the passage of this bill. The vote results are said to have been delayed just past midnight, thereby setting things back to ground zero for the SB-5, TX bill prohibiting late term abortion.

Update: Governor Perry has brought SB-5, back to life by calling another special legislative session, saying that “too much important work remains undone for the people of Texas”. Business resumes on July 1.

Wendy Davis TX State Senator D face of abortion
TX Sen Wendy Davis (D)

Update: The regime added Obama’s support for Davis during with a tweet at #standwithwendy : “Something special is happening in Austin tonight”.

Leftists are cursing Governor Perry for adding another special session to finish the business which the pro-abortion mob shouted down during the couple hours of 6/25.  Check out more of  Wendy Davis’s classy  twitter backup crew here, and here.

IRS’s Lerner Signed Tea Party Letters

From Breitbart, we learn that Lois Lerner signed the IRS letters sent to the TEA Party groups. These letters amounted to an ‘anal probe’ of personal information from TEA party members, which was entirely inappropriate and unneeded for granting tax exempt status to non profit groups of volunteers. She has declared her innocence before congress and invoked the Constitutional Bill of Rights in refusing to offer more testimony.

Lerner is making a deal to preserve her finances and her life. Taking the fifth and refusing to resign from the IRS keeps her in the public eye and helps to ensure that she will not be made to “disappear”.

The Metastatic IRS Scandal

drudge 5-16-13
drudge 5-16-13

Reward for lawbreaking:

Sarah Hall Ingram served as commissioner of the office responsible for tax-exempt organizations between 2009 and 2012. But Ingram has since left that part of the IRS and is now the director of the IRS’ Affordable Care Act office, the IRS confirmed to ABC News today.”

The current fall guy, Joseph Grant had barely gotten moved into the office before the scandal in the IRS division that handles tax exemptions broke.

How Obamacare will be managed:
At the same time, the IRS is already being presented with a case from a company that claims it stole more than 60 million medical records of more than 10 million Americans.

This kind of news is rolling out becaue the media can only save Obamacare if it purges the IRS very quickly.

Pharmer hopes that Obamacare fails, and the IRS is replaced by a tiny little agency that collects a flat tax.