Comment on HHS Mandate Before April 8

Get on over to the AUL Website to link up to the HHS rules commentary section of the government regulations site.  You can drop your low opinion of the HHS mandate on the Obama administration.  AUL makes it easy for you by supplying some comments for you to use.

Thinking that a more global DUMP was called for,  Pharmer  wrote some  delicately worded and diplomatic commentary 😉   The most salient portion is in blue, but feel free to use any part if you have a need for speed.

“Since the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is neither protective nor affordable, it is more accurately called Obamacare.

Much of the Obamacare concept is conveyed in Obama’s address to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, July 17, 2007. Despite efforts to modify Obamacare and the HHS mandate to reduce the killing component, it will always revert, because killing is at the heart of this concept of health care. Killing is also at the heart of the complete lives system which defines how Obamacare addresses lifelong healthcare. As government mismanages health care, resources become increasingly rare, necessitating the sacrifice of older people to preserve the lives of younger or “more useful” people.

Obamacare and the HHS mandate remain corrupt and immoral at their core. Both are a violation of human rights, most particularly the Right to Life which justified the founding of this nation, and the First Amendment rights which allow us to believe and behave in a civilized manner.

The HHS mandate most immediately enslaves those who respect human life, and forces them to service those who assert a legal authority to kill humans. Eliminating some modes of killing or excusing some social groups from the practice is not sufficient. The entire HHS mandate must be eliminated.

Individuals and groups should have the right to either deliver health care, or obtain health care in a manner which does not violate their right to refuse to kill any human organism.

As with any corrupt economic system, Obamacare will lead to exponential growth of the unregulated and non-taxable, black market, health industry which currently addresses the needs of our newest immigrants as well as our current drug shortages.
If we are able to eliminate Obamacare and the HHS mandate, perhaps we could more efficiently rectify the rampant drug shortages which are causing medical errors and deaths in our hospitals and communities.”

You have until April 8..    GET ER DONE!!!!!

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