Did a Nursing School Really Boot a Military Veteran Student Out for Playing With a Gun Phone App

No Way!!!!!   The Blaze and the Todd Shnitt Radio show  have revealed an  apparent Nursing School Obamanation!   Dan, a 33 year old military vet reports being suspended from Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, FL, for showing Android Phone app, Gun Club 2, to a fellow student.

Is this for real?   The story is that a female student complained to administrators that she felt a threat to her life due to the awesome sound of this phone app.  Dan says the sound quality is pretty wimpy.   Pharmer has the i-Gun app, and yes……… the sound from  small phone speakers does not, in any way,  convey the true sound of gunfire.

UMA  Spokesperson, Linda Weldon, has assured everyone that UMA will not be commenting on this incident, which is good, because  nothing is going to help the reputation of this school, which advertises itself as military friendly, after the word gets out.

Enquiring minds want to know that if a student is traumatized by the sound of  a phone gun app,  what good will she be as a nurse?   How will she handle dementia patients, violent patients, or sex offenders in the various clinical settings??    Is she the preferred quality of student for UMA  to send into the Obamacare environment??

One of those commenting  at the Schnitt show was pondering whether the Ultimate Medical Academy should have accreditation with the Department of Veterans Affairs if they would  allow a military veteran to blow 40,000 dollars and get within three months of graduating, only to expel him for playing a phone app.

Dan has obtained some G.I. Bill  tuition assistance as a veterans’ benefit.  Do avail yourself of the Shnitt link to see that he is NOT  likely a waste of money.  Would this  suspension mean that UMA is burning your tax dollars???  A possible side story is that Dan might be experiencing backlash for objecting to  fellow students cheating, and copying teachers’ test materials.  Perhaps the Veterans administration would like to investigate UMA’s accreditation and use of G.I. Bill funds.ultimate medical academy veterans