Dylan Farrow Rips Hollywood for Honoring her Abuser

The last visual memory your friendly Pharmer has of anything that Woody Allen did is from more than 25 years ago, and the title is forgotten.  Later stuff from him was avoided, due to hearing that he was a pervert, having sex with “step-kids”.

His younger adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow has had enough of Woody being honored and celebrated in Hollywood.  She’s written an open letter detailing some of the abuse and addressing how it feels to see her abuser held in such high esteem by the entertainment industry.

Read Dylan’s letter HERE. 

Pharmer expects the left to continue celebrating the lives and times of their rapists, perverts, and pedophiles.

The personal boycott of Woody Allen products will continue.   Why pay to be made sick?

UPDATE: 2/7/14  Maureen Orth gives “facts” about the case in Vanity Fair.

Related – results of the custody hearing when Mia Farrow Split with Woody Allen.

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