How Would Obamacare Address This?

Man falls off surgical table; St. Joseph’s Hospital sued |

Now:  Stroke patient  Max DeVries,   is said to have rolled off an operating table and hit his head, prior to a surgery to replace a lumbar drain.   He later died from the injury, and the family is suing St Joseph hospital.   The Velcro straps on the table were insufficient to hold the 5′ 5″, 300 lb De Vries.

Later:  Under Obamacare,  Max DeVries would be denied the surgery, and the three  lumbar drains which preceded this one, due to his obesity, and status of unacceptable risk, and he would  have already been dead  from the swelling in his brain.

A lot of trouble and effort will be spared,  and hopefully  this will be a  comfort for Obama supporters in the future.