Injunction Granted for Physician Conscientiously Objecting to Abortion in Spain

Physicians win victories for conscientious objection to abortion in Spain |

Spain recently liberalized its abortion laws allowing abortion on demand up to 14 weeks and a bit more restriction for later abortions. Since that time, doctors have been struggling to have their human right to avoid killing patients recognized by the socialist government.

The Superior Tribunal of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia has ovrruled a lower court and granted an injunction giving Dr. Manuel Resa conscientous objector status, until a final decision on the rights of doctors can be reached.

Previously, the Supreme Tribunal of Spain ruled against a couple who sued a doctor for denying them the opportunity to abort their baby, by failing to inform them of an untoward fetal diagnosis. The ruling stated that the deformities were not of serious enough nature to invoke such “right” to abortion.