Jesse Jackson Jr. Wins Reelection From Mayo Clinic | NBC Chicago

Jesse Jackson Jr. Wins Reelection From Mayo Clinic | NBC Chicago.

As you might know, Jesse Jackson Jr. has been in a treatment center in Arizona, and in the Mayo Clinic, where he has been diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder, and gastro-intestinal problems.

More significant than the medical difficulties preventing Jackson from functioning at work, or campaigning, the FBI has launched a criminal investigation of Jackson’s financial improprieties. An Ethics committee is investigating his attempt to buy the vacant senate seat of Barack Obama.

These problems did not prevent Jackson from winning Illinois 2nd Congressional seat in a LANDSLIDE!

Around the time of Jackson’s June disappearance into the medical facilities, Raghuveer Nayak was arrested for multiple counts of fraud. Nayak had testified in Governor Blagojevich’s trial, that Jackson sent him to offer up to 6 million bucks for the Senate seat appointment.

With all this pressure from criminal investigations, Jessie Jackson Jr. might wish he had not ridden Obama’s coat-tails to an utterly effortless victory.