Lifeway Christian Bookstore Pulls Komen Fundraiser Bible

Christian bookstore pulls Bible from shelves, anti-abortion advocates celebrate –

Found over at Jill Stanek’s:  Lifeways Christian Bookstores has pulled a Bible published by B&H Publishing Group, because it serves as a fundraiser for the Susen G Komen Foundation.   A dollar from the sale of each Bible was to go to Komen, which in turn funds Planned Parenthood.

Supposedly Komen only funds non-profits for breast exams and mammograms.   As was discovered earlier this year, Planned Parenthood only offers the”TSA method” of exam, and no mammography services.

A slew  of protests from pro-lifers and bloggers  induced the Book sellers to relent.Lifeways’  lead management  did not want to have even an indirect association with Planned Parenthood, so they have been removing the Bibles from stock.

This story has gained some traction in national main stream media, so it will be noticed by Komen’s usual donors.  They’ve got a problem on their hands.