Jim Henson Co. & Muppets Sever Ties With Chick-fil-A Over Gay Marriage

Jim Henson Company Severs Ties With Chick-Fil-A Over Gay Marriage | Muppets | TheBlaze.com.

The children’s entertainment company which brings you the Muppets is ending its partnership with Chick-fil-A  due to the  latter company’s  CEO supporting  Traditional Marriage.

Henson’s company has been a supporter of Gay Marriage, and the money which it has obtained through partnership to Chick-fil-A will be donated to the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation- GLAAD.

Eat more Chicken!

With such a strong stance against Traditional Marriage, perhaps the Jim Henson Company is not a suitable purveyor of entertainment to very young children.

African-American Christian Coalition Can’t Get Meeting With Obama

African-American Christian Coalition Can’t Get Meeting With Obama.

The fallout among Black Christians who oppose Obama’s stance on gay marriage is beginning to get serious.

The Coalition of African American Pastors have demanded a meeting with Obama, so far to no avail. Reverend Bill Owens asks why Obama is refusing to meet with men of faith, of his own race. Coalition leaders are ready to ask members of their congregations to refrain from voting for Obama if he continues in his refusal to meet with them.

Teen’s Video Banned on Youtube

Sixteen-year-old Madeleine McAulay, of North Carolina produced a video of her opinion on the definition of marriage. She thinks it should remain between one man and one women. Youtube found this video to be not in keeping with their policies. Breitbart.com is promulgating the video in order to counteract the censorship.

McAulay has a Bible based view, which will not please the anti-religion crowd.

Most are confused about the reasons for a social (governmental) recognition of marriage. It is not for the couple getting married. It is an institution to protect the process of producing and bringing up children. They do better in homes which have a father and a mother, and so this situation has been endorsed by society for many thousands of years. Gay unions do not result in the production of children. That kind of social, governmental protection is therefore not necessary.

Chrissie Mathews’ Gaffe Beats Biden’s

Matthews tells Bishop Harry Jackson “I hope you evolve……. I’m just teasing”

Obama has been getting some blow back from the Black Evangelical Churches due to his endorsement of gay marriage. Of Americans, more Blacks than Whites consider this newly announced political position to be a problem.

Homosexuality on UMC’s docket (OneNewsNow.com)

Homosexuality on UMC's docket (OneNewsNow.com).

2012 might be the last possible year for the liberal faction of the United Methodist Church to obtain official approval for practicing gay clergy and for same sex marriages. This topic tops the list of items for discussion at the United Methodist General Conference in Tampa, Fl.
The opportunity for leftists to hold sway on these issues is closing as that Church is shrinking in America and growing in Africa, where the members are much more conservative. Almost 40 percent of the delegates at the conference are coming from Africa and other countries, and these people will likely be the ones to save their church from its leftist Americans.

The United Methodist Church
in America has more significant problem which should be recognized. It is a signatory to the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. Perhaps the African delegates can fix this problem too.

PayPal Investigates Traditional Family Groups Following Request from All Out

PayPal launches investigation of pro-family groups following homosexual complaints | LifeSiteNews.com.

The leftie censors are at it again…. wanting PayPal to stop doing business with several groups who oppose promotion of the gay lifestyle and gay marriage.

PayPal is now looking into those groups.   All of these net businesses and forums  are pressured to eliminate “hate speech”, which for lefties connotes  any and all forms of opposition to their ideology.

Click for  a petition to request that Pay Pal not cooperate with the censorship effort. 

There’s an internet rule:  ‘Censor not, lest ye be censored’.

What results for PayPal  is a strict business decision. Which group is bigger?  The censoring group, “All Out”, or those of us who value internet freedom in general?

Watch Lifesite News or this blog to see if these Traditional Family  (anti-gay marriage) groups get kicked from PayPal.

** Note 9/15 article from Citizen link. The above article is from 9/16. The situation is not yet settled.

Brooklyn Catholic school rejects donation from politician who voted for gay ‘marriage’ | LifeSiteNews.com

Brooklyn Catholic school rejects donation from politician who voted for gay ‘marriage’ | LifeSiteNews.com.

New York Democrat assemblyman Joe Lentol normally gives a small donation to a Catholic school around graduation time.   This year, Queen of Rosary Catholic Academy returned his donation.

This is in compliance with a request from Bishop Nicholas Dimarzio for the Catholic institutions to refuse any ‘honors, donations or distinctions bestowed’ on them by the politicians who passed New York’s gay marriage law.

Pharmer wishes that more of the U.S. Catholic  bishops had felt so strongly about the abortion, embryonic stem cell, and physician assisted suicide issues.

D.C. Archdiocese Forced to Drop Coverage for Spouses over Same-Sex “Marriage”

D.C. Archdiocese Forced to Drop Coverage for Spouses over Same-Sex “Marriage”.

Already the Washington DC Archdiocese was forced to close its foster care program due to the new laws affecting gay marriage.

Now it has cut off health care benefits to all spouses of all new employees, in order to avoid being forced to recognize gay marriage.

Remember……… Obamacare with its abortion and death panels could similarly  close all of the Catholic health care.   This could  instantly cause 16 percent of the health care in the U.S. to disappear.   More could be gone if other religiously run institutions follow suit.

Since Muslims also do not like abortion, it is unlikely that they could fill this void, even if they had command of the other resources.  One severe limitation is the high degree to which anticoagulation treatment protocols used in the hospitals are LEANING ON PORK. Yes it’s true,  heparin and the variety of low molecular weight analogs are PORK products.