On the Relationship Between Obama’s Birth Control Mandate and the Budget Disaster

Mark Steyn: Handing out condoms on the Titanic | budget, debt, down – Opinion – The Orange County Register.

Mark Steyn, author and political pundit who reports to us on what the rest of the world is doing, has been sounding the alarm on America’s impending economic armageddon for years.

He notes now the relationship between the three years of failed un-budgets, and the latest idea to further drive us unto insolvency by cutting the U.S. population.

Birth control, chemical abortion, and sterilizations are already ubiquitously available, but the U.S. government sees the need to hand these out free with your money. At the very same time, most of the other industrialized nations have developed pro-natal incentives to encourage people to make more babies. They figured out that one person can’t sustain two or three non-working, elderly or disabled or unemployed people.

Either Obama is too stupid to understand this, or he’s destroying the U.S. economy purposely. Which do you think it is?

The American Spectator : The Little Sisters of Limousine Liberalism

The American Spectator : The Little Sisters of Limousine Liberalism.

George Neumayr says Follow the Money, with respect to seeking out the reasons why “Sister Obamacare” Carol Keehan, has supported the Obama shell game, moving financial management of birth control / abortion / sterilization finances to insurance companies, which still includes many self insured Catholic institutions. All of the religiously run institutions will still be paying the cost.

Neumayr notes that being a “Sister of Limousine Liberalism” has its rewards, and gives yearly salaries for a number of individuals who are touting Obamacare, and the birth control/ abortion/ sterilization mandate. Keehan herself pulls down close to a million yearly.

The Catholic Health Association hospitals under her purview also stand to recieve plenty of cash under Obamacare if it is left to continue in its destructive path.

*153* Bishops (Over 80% of Dioceses) Have Spoken Out Against Obama/HHS Mandate | CatholicVote.org

Updated: *153* Bishops (Over 80% of Dioceses) Have Spoken Out Against Obama/HHS Mandate | CatholicVote.org.

At the above link a list is being compiled of Bishops statements protesting Obama’s health care mandate  for religiously affiliated employers to cover birth control, abortifacients and sterilizations.

The bolded links on the list lead to letters which were to be read at every parish in the diocese.   As of Sunday there are 153 out of  183 diocesan leaders who have made statements.

The Assembly of Orthodox Bishops has also made a statement representing all 53 of their U.S. Bishops, which protests the action of Obama and his HHS.

Expect more statements to be coming out as some of the Bishops get a reminder of their job function from the Vatican.

As a result of prior decisions to go  along with the Government and accept grants from them,  the Bishops now find themselves, and the society in which they live, in dire straits.  Says Francis Cardinal George, Archbishop of Chicago:   “I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square.”

2/8/12 UPDATE    169 Dioceses have  submitted letters of protest


Catholic Letter Denounces Health Care Contraceptive Mandate | Video | TheBlaze.com

Catholic Letter Denounces Health Care Contraceptive Mandate | Video | TheBlaze.com.

Catholic Bishops  have put out letters opposing Obama’s latest assault on first amendment rights,  and these were to be read to congregations this past Sunday.   Obama has given Catholic institutions a year to begin paying for birth control, abortion producing drugs and sterilizations in their health care plans.

The bishops state that they will not comply, and are urging the congregants to write to their representatives in government to oppose Obama’s  violation of civil rights, and religious freedom.

If you attended Catholic Church this past Sunday and did not hear this letter,  it might be good to ask your pastor or your bishop why.

Cost Containment Includes Forced Abortion and Sterilization

Court-ordered abortion, sterilization of Catholic woman in Mass. overturned by higher court | LifeSiteNews.com.

The Romney-care system in Massachusetts almost accomplished forced abortion  and sterilization procedures in a mentally ill female, but the initial court order has been thrown out by a higher appeals court .

The Norfolk Family and Probate Court Judge Christina Harms had ordered that these procedures could be forced upon a woman with psychotic disorders, through the use of deception and sedation.

Somehow this woman had access to legal recourse, bringing her case to an appeals court.  One wonders how many forced abortions and sterilizations have been accomplished under the Romneycare system.

Abby Johnson: Why Private Insurance Does Not Cover Maternity Costs

Secret Planned Parenthood Memo: Stop Maternity Coverage | LifeNews.com.

Abby Johnson, who is rapidly becoming  Planned Parenthood’s worst nightmare,  tells us that health  insurance companies are not offering maternity coverage in their private pay policies.  They have told her that this is due to  an OBAMACARE MANDATE.  (The mandate of which they speak is likely an indirect effect of the new costs and regulations put upon the insurance companies by the health care “reform”.   Some insurance companies have ceased offering private policies altogether, due to the added  regulatory costs. )

This problem reminded Ms. Johnson  of one of those historical memos put out by Planned Parenthood, which they did not wish to become  widespread knowledge.

The Jaffe Memo of 1969 gives a list of recommendations made in response to  a government request that Planned Parenthood provide some proposals to deal with “overpopulation”.  You will see words such as “Compulsory” in there,  and this might even bother those who see abortion as a “choice”.

Upon seeing this memo you will understand that many of the programs are fully implemented or well under way.   Take a look HERE.

Please pass the Jaffe Memo around to your associates, to help others understand the Planned Parenthood agenda.

Weekend Business: Repeal of Bush’s Conscience Protections for Health Care Professionals

It’s a whisper in the news……. You’d have to dig hard to find it.  Obama gutted the  regulations Bush had put into place to protect conscientiously objecting health care professionals from discrimination.

There were essentially no new provisions in Bush’s executive order, except to cause institutions to worry about receiving federal funds if they discriminated against health care professionals who refuse to kill humans in their practice.

Obama has returned the situation to its previous state:  toothless conscience legislation, nearly unenforceable because  unemployed health care professionals usually lack  funds to bring civil redress when incidents of discrimination occur. Also,  what remains of “protection” will only apply to what is obviously recognized as abortion to a layman,   and sterilization.   Objection to chemical abortions at the early stages of human development, and use of various biotech medical devices, unethically derived drugs, vaccines, transplants, implants  (from killed humans) will not be covered.

Actually the situation is worse than it was previously, as the department of Health and Human Services has utterly no interest in hearing or cataloging incidents of discrimination.   The head of this department, Kathleen Sebelius   had no interest in enforcing medical standards applicable to abortion clinics in her home state of Kansas.

It is fortunate  that the new Congress has shown some interest in this situation, otherwise it might be missed entirely by the public.

The actual  repeal is gibberish,  unless one has intimate  familiarity with the underlying laws and regulations.  Heritage Foundation has pretty much put it in English.

The Sebelius HHS will effectively leave conscientiously objecting health care professionals without protections,  and  all should be prepared to find new jobs or careers should a conflict between the employers mandates and personal conscience ever arise.

As  previously, the protection of conscience for health care professionals will largely lie in the power of the internet, to expose  institutions  which  discriminate against health care professionals who refuse to kill, and reduce private business, and  the sources of charitable   donations, funds and grants.

Bishop revokes Phoenix hospital’s ‘Catholic’ status

Bishop revokes Phoenix hospital’s ‘Catholic’ status.

He actually did it.    Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted stripped St. Joseph’s Medical Center, in Phoenix  of its Catholic affiliation.  This came after a scandal in 2009, concerning a widely publicized abortion which took place there.   That issue had already been  addressed, but  St. Joseph’s affiliation with the Mercy Care Plan , which provides care through the Arizona  state medicaid program,  required it to offer contraceptive counseling and other services antithetical to Catholic teachings.   This contractual arrangement is said to be the tipping point to cause the dissolution of the Catholic affiliation

Mass may no longer be said at the hospital, and the Blessed Sacrament is to be removed from the Chapel.

Watch the changes which occur at St. Joseph’s   in the aftermath of this “divorce” from Church affiliation.    Will the hospital attempt to re-affiliate, or will it rely upon a closer relationship with the government for survival.  Certainly the loss of Catholic affiliation will affect private donations to the Medical Center.

German man castrates teenage daughter’s 57-year-old boyfriend – Telegraph

German man castrates teenage daughter’s 57-year-old boyfriend – Telegraph.

Girls, if you have a sugar daddy, think about what your dad would do.

Helmut Seifert’s approach to his 17 year old daughter’s 57 year old boyfriend was straightforward.   He first went to the cops, who said they could not intervene to stop this relationship.

Seifert then recruited a couple of friends who assisted him in a surgical intervention, (without anaesthesia).   Phillip Genscher, his daughter’s honey is now without testicles.   Lack of training for performing orchidectomies has upped criminal charges to attempted murder.  The boyfriend is said to have nearly bled to death.

Mr Seifert acknowledged his guilt, and will no doubt head to prison, but to his credit has not ratted out the two accomplices.   He saw the unauthorized surgery as a father’s duty.

A related, but rather garbled story: Two Teens Kill Suspected Paedophile, UK Telegraph.

What David Marsland Really Said

David Marsland is scary, because he wants to let the government forcibly sterilize people, and pick which ones, but his statement is not quite as some reports indicated. A number of pro life and religious publications headlined that UK sociology Professor Marsland wanted to sterilize the unfit, or called for forced sterilization, etc. This isn’t exactly so.
It’s a natural, emotional response to wish that the gamete flow of child abusers could be corked up, as Marsland does. However, no one has the moral authority to force these bodily mutilations on other people. There needs to be recognition of a human autonomy to determine what is done to (just) one’s own body.

Marsland trusts government to decide who’s a child abuser, and forcibly sterilize these people.

Governments have shown themselves to be far too whacko to make any type of medical  decisions for anyone.

Pharmer is finding Marsland to be plenty misguided, with a seriously addled faith in government, but his actual words, recommending sterilization of child abusers, have him sounding more depressed and hopeless, and less a Hitler-ian eugenicist as some have implied.

This is Marsland’s brain “on” UK health care: