U.S. House Judiciary Committee Approves Ban on Federal Abortion Funding

Judiciary Committee approves bill on federal abortion funding on party lines – The Hill’s Healthwatch.

The vote split along party lines to allow a bill to ban federal spending on abortion to go to the House Floor in 2011, with 100 percent of the Democrats opposing the bill, as expected.

The confused Hank Johnson (who fears that Guam might capsize due to overpopulation)  offered comic relief for the day.  Quoted at The Hill:

“Some might argue that life begins with the potential, with just one sperm … with just … one egg, so if we decided that we’re going to make it illegal for a man to get a vasectomy because we believe that life begins at that point, what’s to stop us from doing that?”

“We can argue arbitrarily that life begins at conception, which is the sperm penetrating the egg. We can decide it like that, but you are not respecting those who think that sperm or the egg standing by itself represent the potential life and that potential should not be cut short,”

Amusing as this is…. and even the legislators are said to have stifled their responses…. Pharmer has heard this, and stranger stuff coming from the abortion supporters.

And here’s an insider view.