U.S. rams through its Birth Control Mandate at the UN

Friday Fax: US Bullies “Contraceptive Mandate” on International Community.

Obama will bend over for other nations on such things as national security, but his birth control-abortion-sterilization mandate is non-negotiable.

Using a thing mechanism called the Chairman’s text, which allows next to no time for other delegates to view the contents or comment on it, the views of the U.S. on “reproductive rights” were formed into a U N Resolution on Maternal Mortality. This year the limited meeting for other nations to comment was also held off site at the U.S. mission. (Does this seem similar to the Obama Care legislative process?)

Developing nations rejected another document, from the U.S. on the Status of Women, over similar language that they felt would expand the push for abortion. This is regarded as backlash against the U.S. due to its method of pushing through the Obama birth control agenda in the Maternal Mortality resolution.