Whacked Out Lawrence O’Donnell Does not Know Tax Law

O’Donnell and Congressman Jason Chaffetz of Utah.

Watch this leftist, fruit&nut-cake, Lawrence O’Donnell say that money which is not spent on rent or motel rooms should be declared a second time as income. He also states that it is illegal to sleep in the Capitol building. This is funny, since we have video showing legislators doing this while “on the job”. Kudos to Chaffetz for saving money so he doesn’t have to hitch a free ride on a military jet to fly home.

Congressman sleeps during State of the Union speech.

Can’t Blame Sen. Byrd for Snoozing through Reid’s Speech.

3 thoughts on “Whacked Out Lawrence O’Donnell Does not Know Tax Law


    ODonnell, however, is right. I can no more sleep at work than Chaffetz can sleep in a public building. He is receiving a benefit from his job that is somehow is ok – and thusly it needs to be reported to the IRS. Not to mention he is doing this on our dime (see utility usage etc). Nope sorry congressman not with my tax $$.

    Your video of others "sleeping" during hearings etc is hardly related to the issue at hand. No offense.

    But very cute!

  2. On missing the point:

    Let's review the point criticizing O'Donnells poor understanding of tax law. One does not have to double declare income become one has saved it.

    The videos show that there is no policy preventing sleeping in a public building. Other sleepers are not being penalized, even for sleeping on the job.

    There is no established policy that congressmen may not sleep in the capitol building, regardless of fruit&nut-cake O'Donnells fantasies. Proof that it is permitted has been supplied.

    I applaud Chaffetz and the other congressmen who have come to Washington to work, and maintain their only residence in their home district among the people they represent. All of the legislators should be doing this. There are showers in the building for a reason. Compare his fiscal responsibility to the California congresswoman who defaulted on her home loan and moved to Washington. https://themorningafter.us/its-the-banks-fault/

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