Obama Sells Gun Control By Assuring Us that Government is Incompetent to Protect Us

Obama’s explanation for the American lives lost in the Benghazi embassy is “sloppiness…. not intentional”.  Listen to more, for yourself, if you are feeling bulimic today. Hillary fell down, hit her empty head, and is unlikely to ever appear before Congress to explain her part in the debacle. No one from the Obama administration has lost their job as a result of this neglect. Requests from security forces leaving Benghazi last August, and repeated requests from the embassy itself, for more security, were rebuffed by the CIA and the White house. Calls for help during the attack were met with direct refusals to assist, and orders to neighboring security forces to stand down. After the attack, no American personnel were sent to investigate for weeks, and CNN reporters freely roamed the premises, picking up classified documents. This odd lack of concern is what fueled the popular idea that Obama has been sending arms to Al Quaeda, and no one involved in that mission was to survive.
But Obama tells us that he had no ulterior motives, he’s just incompetent, and he doesn’t mind letting the entire world know it.
That should be reassuring to everyone who’s thinking of giving up their guns to government buy back programs, and supporting new and useless gun bans.
It took police about 20 minutes to respond to the school shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary, which is NOT a remote area. Teachers and children in public schools are unarmed and unprotected as a matter of public policy.
The government has shown us again and again that it lacks the ability and resolve to protect us from violent and crazy people.
Is your life worth protecting? Please understand that the government is unwilling or too incompetent to help you with that. It’s a job that you’ll have to do yourself, if you think you’re worth it.

Hobby Lobby Will Defy Obama HHS Mandate

The family of David Green, which owns the 500 plus Hobby Lobby stores, with 13000 employees are likely to incur a half billion dollar cost, while waiting for their challenge to the HHS mandate to be heard in court.    Despite this huge financial threat to their company’s existence,  the Greens have decided to adhere to their religious convictions, and defy Obama’s demand that they fund abortive forms of birth control for their employees.

Prayers for the success of David Green, his family and his company.  They’re putting the commandments of God ahead of the commands of  the most pro-abortion president in history.

If the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops had felt this strongly about God’s commandment to avoid willful killing, there would NEVER have been an  HHS mandate at all!!

Different Justice for Leftist Elites, vs Common Folk

Andrew K.  Despres was expelled from Fitchburg State University for possession of pot  and what is said to be other minor infractions.  Subsequent to this, he misbehaved,  by going, without permission, into the school grounds to collect his belongings.  This  caused police to finally notice his punked out, fake .308  Ammo Belt, and throw him into jail.

It will take  the Fitchburg cops a good while to figure out that the ‘fashion’  ammo belts are very fake and don’t have primers and powder.  People can get them at punk/emo stores such as Hot Topics, or on Ebay.  While  supposed “ballistics testing” is done  to determine that the ammo is totally non-functional,  Despres is held in jail, pending someone in his family selling off something big to make $ 50,000 bail. 

By contrast, David Gregory, certifiable member of the Elite Leftist Class, is probably going to skate, though he violated Washington DC law by possessing and displaying a large capacity ammo magazine on his show, Meet the Press.  This upper class leftie  even had prior warning from law enforcement not to show the magazine.  Expect Gregory to not even have to pay a fine for breaking one of the types  of gun ban that he  advocated on his show. 

This is just one more example of the difference between the Little People of America and the Elite class, with respect to application of the law.   Look for increased disparity in Obama’s Amerika.

Update:  Despres spent a week in jail before his bond was reduced to $500 dollars.    David Gregory is said to have gone on vacation.

Update……. Yep, David Gregory was excused by the D.C. attorney general, Irvin Nathan.  He’s above the law, like so many other lefties.

Obama’s EPA Administrator, Lisa Jackson, Resigns

Obama’s EPA Administrator Resigns | TheBlaze.com.

Could Lisa Jackson’s resignation from her post as head of Obama’s EPA have anything to do with the investigation concerning her use of a personal email address to conduct official business?

Rep. Fred Upton of the House Energy and Commerce Committee has stated that Jackson would need her own reserved parking because he planned to invite her frequently for questioning by Congress.

Other controversies affecting her tenure at the EPA were her stance on the Keystone pipeline, her  regulations designed to kill the coal industry, and her support of the Global Warming Hoax.


This Had to Happen after New York’s Journal News Published Names and Addresses of Gun Owners

Fury After Paper Publishes Names, Addresses of Legal Pistol Owners in New York | TheBlaze.com.

Pistol permit holders in two New York counties experienced the honor of having their names published in the Journal News, and with it, the increased likelihood of having their guns stolen.   A map indicating the locations of neighborhood gun owners was published, which included handgun owners, but excluded those who only owned long rifles or shotguns.

Naturally the gun owners were displeased at the prospect of being targeted for home invasions by those who would like to steal guns for possible use in criminal activity. One commenter at The Blaze Blog pointed out that the Roanoke Times in Virginia had published names and addresses of concealed carry permit holders, including that of a woman who was hiding from an abusive ex-husband.

The natural result of the latest  action of the Journal News was retaliation, and there was only a short wait for the fun to start.

Bloggers have published the names and addresses of Journal News employees and editors on a map, leaving out the freelance writers.  New Yorkers can learn Where Are the Journal News Employees in Your Neighborhood.  The journaLOSTS have been given a taste of their own medicine.   Perhaps this will serve to discourage any future targeting of lawful gun owners by the press.
See the full sized map here, and the work of another blogger amassing names and addresses here.


Sotomayor Refuses to Block Obama’s Morning After Pill Edict

Supreme Court Justice Refuses to Block Obama Morning After Pill Edict.

Obama’s appointee, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor refused to grant an emergency ruling blocking the effects of Obama’s HHS mandate on Hobby Lobby and it’s sister company, Mardel Inc.

She stated that while the legal requirements for an emergency ruling were not met, the companies may continue to pursue their lawsuits in the lower courts.

Attorneys for the government incorrectly deny the fact that the birth control drugs have abortive mechanisms of action. The government continues to pursue its interest in regulating the populations of its constituency by unethical and deceptive means.

Leftie Caught Up in Gun Restrictions Which He Advocates?

Cops told NBC not to use gun clip – Katie Glueck – POLITICO.com.

David Gregory displayed a large capacity gun magazine on his NBC Meet the Press show this past Sunday.  It appears that he has violated Washington DC gun regulations which “ban” such equipment.  NBC is said to have contacted DC police before the show, and were told that it was not permissible to have such a magazine for display on the show.

Thinking themselves above the local laws,  the NBC leftists defied this directive from the police.  Officer Araz Alali told the Politico that they’re investigating the matter.

Don’t hold your breath in expectation of the Washington DC law being applied to their pet leftists.

Bloody Christmas Eve: 7 Shot in Chicago

In one of the most heavily gun-controlled American cities, 7 people received lead injections on Christmas Eve.
Obama won’t be visiting Chicago to mourn the injuries and loss of life. These victims are not kids of well to do suburbanites or potential political contributors.  For the most part, they represent  the group that the Democrats rely on as “voter stock”.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s solution for the ineffective gun control in Chicago is more gun control laws.

Bloody Christmas Eve: 7 Shot in Chicago.

Did you know that Obama’s kids’ school has 11 armed guards?

Is the Democrat Party Really a Good Fit For Most Black Americans?

A couple of months ago, there were  stories on the internet claiming that Allen West wrote a kinki love letter to his wife, asking her to be his “personal porn star”.  Leftie press was having a fit over this.   Humor and hyperbole are wasted on those journaLOSTs,  so you can correctly surmise that all sorts of accusations about hypocrisy were flying about, with Allen West being a conservative family man and all.

Pharmer imagines that Angela West might have derived  good fun from such a letter, along with some assurance that her husband’s testosterone laden brain was running wild about her, rather than other women.

Much more informative are the comments following this story in News One for Black America.  In contrast to the trash that  you’d find under such a post  in Huffpo or Daily Kos, there are comments asking why personal letters between a couple should be sprayed all over the internet.  Some expressed personal admiration for Allen West as a family man, despite political disagreements.  These responses  outnumber the types of comments that you would see at a usual democrat leaning  site.  Check out the mix for yourself HERE.  It might  leave you further mystified as to why most Black Americans  are voting leftie.